Mini Royale: Nations Introduces Battle Pass and Season Quests

The Solana-based multiplayer FPS features a plethora of updates, notably the Battle Pass, Season Quests, and weapon perks.

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Players can now begin grinding the Battle Pass to earn weapons, gear, skins, and Orbs alongside a plethora of Season Quests which expand on the Daily Quests.

This update lays the groundwork for the future of Mini Royale’s Clan Wars and Tournaments which will require Refined Orbs (Orbs are refined via land) and Weapon drops. The patch notes for Release 1.0.179 were shared via their official blog, The Mini Insider, on December 27th.

Users should not take this update for granted as the dedicated players are accumulating the crucial assets needed to excel in the open economy. Users who hold a Miniverse Hero will be retroactively rewarded bonuses in the Battle Pass as outlined below:

Tier 1: 10% boost for holders of one Season 1 Premium Drop NFT

Tier 2: 20% boost for holders of 2-4 Season 1 Premium Drop NFTs

Tier 3: 30% boost for holders of 5+ Season 1 Premium Drop NFTs

Tier 45 of the Battlepass, Offering a Rare and Mintable Sea Witch | Source

Guns and PlaytoEarn Open Economy

Battle Pass items will be instantly usable upon unlocking, but they won’t be mint-able until the end of the season. This allows for review of players’ behavior, assuring that cheaters will not be able to easily exploit the economy.

The battle pass features a plethora of weapon drops. These in-game items will be crucial in PvE, Clan Wars, and the highest levels of PvP. 

As of now, Guns offer small perks to slightly alter PvP gameplay mechanics, allowing dedicated players to ‘min-max.’ More so, the Gun perks will be upgradable in PvE to allow a whole other aspect of the game to explore.

It has also been said that Guns while be crucial to one of the most important aspects of the game, Land Control.

Base Perks That Aim to Have Negligible Effects in Casual PvP | Source

Season Quests 

The amount of Orbs users can earn has been drastically increased between the Battle Pass and the Season Quests. Season quests elaborate on the Daily Quests we grinders have grown to love or hate. These quests are necessary to get ahead in the metagame.

The best players and clans will be honed in on completing these quests. Once the Land Strategy launches in 2022 players will be scrambling to refine their Orbs to participate in leaderboard events and deem their clan #1. 

See You in The Miniverse

This update features some of the most integral parts of the game economy. Now is the time to grind and get yourself an early spot in the ecosystem. If you don’t own a Miniverse hero now may be the time to scoop one up.

The patch notes also outlined a plethora of less crucial features and what’s soon to come:

Melee weapons earned via Battle Pass + Season Quests

CTF anti-cheat system for mass flag capturing

Animation improvements

Base weapon texture updates

Settings fixes

Coming up next:

A brand new game mode. No alliances, no teams, just carnage!

Weapon skin drop for Hero owners

Battle Pass Boost for Hero owners

Open Beta Tier 10 and Tier 34 rewards drop

Overall stability and anti-cheat improvements

Source: Solana News

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