Mini Royale: Nations Getting Big, Emphasizes Fun and Social Aspect

Livestream provides insight into key game developments and seriousness towards maintaining fairness and fun.

Mini Royal: Nations Proving to Be Major Fun

DeFi Direct had quite the livestream this week with Co-Founder of Faraway, Alex Paley, stopping by to give a deep dive into the increasingly popular Solana-based GameFi & NFT FPS Mini Royale: Nations. Paley spoke of how he leads a 30-40 person team building a game focused on fun and becoming a full play-to-earn experience.

The focus on fun and social mechanics has made the game an instant hit. It takes just 10 seconds for users to jump in and play from nearly any browser on a desktop. Paley helped describe how the frictionless onboarding process for players has been a key to helping more than 2 million players test out Mini Royale, and the game sustain up to 500,000 monthly users.

“We are trying to bring in a lot of players. We’re not talking about just a million or two million users. We’re talking 50 million to 100 million daily active users. That’s our goal,” Paley explained. “The way you do that is with an extremely fun and social experience.”

Mini Royale is built on an open economy that will continue to grow as the team builds out the ecosystem. Paley explained how the team is building out the number of currencies from two to four as well as balancing the land mechanics within the game. The attack and defense capabilities really become intricate once clans and the variety of weapons come into play. The game has many features to explore, and users can help drive development demand through a style of play. 

The game is so far still in development despite the massive growth. Part of the livestream aptly dealt with user concerns regarding a noticeable usage of cheat features. Paley emphasized that fairness and anti-cheat prevention is top priority and that they have a dedicated anti-cheat team handling the issues. It appears the primary goal of Mini Royale: Nations is to make fun and social game. Paley emphasized the social and fun aspects multiple times, and ultimately anti-cheat prevention falls under this purview. 

The game still has several features and mechanics to build out. With $21 million backing from well-known institutional investors, the team is well positioned for its full release coming in December. 

Stay tuned for more information regarding NFT skin mints, and more should be coming soon. If you haven’t already, head over and try Mini Royale: Nations now, and smack that start game button! You’ll likely enjoy it!

To watch the full livestream, head over to DeFi Direct Youtube.

What is Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale: Nations is the first live multiplayer game to launch on the Solana blockchain. The game is a seamless browser-based first-person shooter that requires no third-party client or installation. There is already a live beta mode available online at that has achieved considerable popularity. Over 2 million players have banded together to compete in action-packed PvP gameplay during their Open Beta. Mini Royale: Nations sees accessibility as a primary driver and has considerable support to help them build out the platform and game ecosystem. 

Where to find more about Faraway and Mini Royale: Nations | | Faraway Twitter | Mini | Mini Royale Twitter | Mini Royale Discord

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