Metacrafters Creates Online Learning Platform In The Metaverse

Metacrafters uses a Learn-To-Earn model to develop and onboard future developers and artists in Web3.


Metacrafters provides a gamified learning platform to create a network of learners interested in building in the Web3 space.

The platform’s goal is to introduce, onboard, and produce 1,000,000 developers in Web3 to meet a growing demand within the industry. Students earn cryptocurrency as they continue to learn more about the space and hone their skills. 

Kevin Yang, CoFounder and product head of Metacrafters, shared their goals for the project. “Short-term launching our learning platform to coders in the Philippines [and] Partnering with IT Universities as well,” Yang told BSCnews. “Long-term be the top university for the builders of the metaverse, educating over 1 million devs. Filipinos as a top talent source for builders of metaverse”

The current focus of the platform targets Philippine talent. The platform received grants amounting to $4,500,000 from top blockchains development teams including Solana, Dapper Labs, Avalanche, and Polygon. The team also has partnerships with some of the top companies in the space that are on the lookout for new and talented developers.

Courses are developed by Metacrafters with input from the blockchain development teams themselves. Solana courses are currently available with future plans to explore other chains like BNB Chain and Ethereum. Check out Metacrafter’s website and whitepaper for more details.

What is Metacrafters:

Metacrafters is a multichain learn-to-earn game that teaches users to write smart contracts and build on-chain. Metacrafters invites crafters to a world of wonder, growth, and possibility where developers can access a world-class Web3 education with immediate earning and employment opportunities in the metaverse. It bridges education and an immersive gaming experience that brings the history and lore of blockchain to life. With a learn-to-earn model, developers and engineers are offered grant-funded financial incentives to complete courses as they upskill from Web2 to Web3. Metacrafters is available to the 32 million developers around the globe for whom these new skills may be life-changing and serve to close the significant pay gap between engineers in developed nations and those in emerging markets.

Where to find Metacrafters:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord |

Source : web3wire

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