Mark McKenna’s Heroes & Villains

The MasterBrews project promises to bring some of the most immersive NFT experiences for users.

Introducing McKenna’s Heroes & Villains

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have recently sparked the interest of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, digital art collectors and even institutions, like Visa, leading to massive adoption, for this asset class, across multiple blockchains, including Solana’s revolutionary network.

The Solana blockchain features lower gas fees and faster transaction speeds, compared to its competitors, making it ideal for minting, trading and creating utility for NFTs. This has resulted in numerous top-notch NFT projects to explore the ecosystem and leverage the network. Despite this saturation, Mark McKenna’s Heroes & Villains is unique among them.

Heroes and Villains is a collection of breathtaking artworks by comic book legends Mark McKenna, Jay Defoy, and Ross Campbell. In partnership with Masterbrews and Solanart, the project is built on the Solana blockchain aiming towards giving users an exclusively immersive NFT experience. The images below show character evolution in motion.

Heroes and Villains will take owners on a unique NFT journey, showcasing events that make the featured character a Hero or Villain, through their story. The project features exciting locations, weapons, artifacts, and powers that influence the character’s evolution and eventual alignment. What is more, there are billions of possible storylines, and no two characters are alike, thanks to the phenomenal artwork by Mark McKenna and the revolutionary tech produced by Masterbrews.

Innovative Mechanism Powered by Unique NFTs

During the first year, the flight-plan of the story-based Heroes and Villains Universe will be explored in six phases. They include:

●     Heroes & Villains: Origins

●     Heroes & Villains: Sidekicks & Henchmen

●     NFT Comic Book (Origins Sourcebook)

●     Heroes & Villains: Mutants

●     P2E Game

●     Heroes & Villains: Alliances

The first phase – Heroes & Villains: Origins – is under development and will feature “base” characters with numerous physical traits, accessories, and apparel. The characters will find themselves in different, unique backgrounds, obtain special weapons, artifacts, and powers, and through a truly immersive storyline, manifest their Heroic or Villainous intentions!

“Every character has a story to tell and we can’t wait for everyone to experience this very unique evolution. Each NFT has its own unique path which will determine what made them a Hero or Villain,” the Solana-based NFT project tweeted on October 15th.

The team has also dropped a teaser trailer which describes the evolution and story-telling aspect of the project which you can view here.

Even though the launch date has not, yet, been announced, the project is getting closer to mint day, and close attention to their Discord and Twitter is advised!

Mark McKenna’s comic book profile represents the unique quality of characters and features users should expect from the project. Building on Solana would also ensure that minting and transactions go smoothly while the first series produces an exciting storyline and sets the foundation of the Universe’s deployment.

Insight on Mark Mckenna

Mark McKenna is the creative genius behind Heroes & Villains: Origins. The veteran comic book artist started his career in 1986, working with Marvel. Two years later, he published his first work for DC comics in 1988, Doctor Fate. Since then, he has worked on several top-notch comics, including Exiles, Dr Strange and X-Men.

“I don’t know if you know this, but I’ve been a comic book artist for 32 years, having worked for both Marvel and DC comics on the likes of The X Men and Spider Man to Batman and The Justice League. There are almost 600 comics that list my name in the credits and 12,000 pages that bear my ink lines on them,” Mark wrote on his website.

The iconic comic artist’s work featured in Legendary Picture Books PACIFIC RIM movie prequel, and Dark Horse Comic’s Star Wars – The Old Republic: The Lost Suns. In short, Mark McKenna is an extremely talented comic artist with numerous appearances and artworks.

Closing Thoughts

Without a doubt, Mark is following the current trend in the decentralized space through the launch of his NFT project. The mechanism that allows users to experience a journey using his incredible artworks is one to look out for, especially considering the potential to earn while enjoying the art.

Utilizing the Solana blockchain for the project will contribute to the growth of the immersive ecosystem. With this in mind, we anticipate one of the highest quality NFT projects on Solana – and the entire NFT industry in general. 

Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. 

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