Longwood Labs: WTF is it?

In case you missed it, we dropped a reel for Longwood Labs yesterday on Twitter. While the trailer is equal parts eloquent and alluring, we didn’t give any explanation as to what Longwood Labs is. This is that explanation.

Yesterday’s lack of context has set us up perfectly (minus a few understandably wrinkled feathers in the community) for this article today. We will cover a few brief chapters today that will give more clarity to the community, including:

-Our journey so far
-What is changing
-What is Longwood Labs, and what value will it provide?
-What to expect next

Let’s begin.

Our journey so far:

We have had many successes since our launch back in December.

We were the first in the space to gamify the staking process and make it fun. We’ve bootstrapped an amazing game that has been playable since day one of our project’s inception, and continuously developed alongside our community.

The game has been so engaging that we’ve:

maintained 90+% NFTs (game characters) staked since day one

averaged 1–2% supply listed for sale on marketplaces, and

seen users transact thousands of SOL through both the $CMP token and the in-game items and ecosystem (crafting/upgrading, stamina, items)

The above points are a direct result of what we believe to be the biggest positive for The Remnants; we’ve built an organic, engaged, kick-ass community of individuals who believe in the potential of the Remnants (and enjoy what we’ve built thus far).

One thing we have not done so well is realizing the potential of what we have in front of us. Our early ideas and plans were much larger than those released in our most recent litepaper. We put this mainly down to delayed timelines and slower than expected execution, leaving us with tunnel vision on releasing features we believed were in the best interest of the community.

We have learned from those past mistakes and those of other web3 gaming products like Stepn, Defi Kingdoms and Axie.

We’re going back, to what we should have been. ‘Runescape on the blockchain’. Utilizing the power of blockchain to bring rich products, and a large amount of users, to our ecosystem.

What is changing:

A lot.

We’ve hired the right people to assist in bringing our vision to life:

Executive team scaling (from 3–6)

Operational team scaling

Development team scaling (from 4–10 devs)

Experienced advisory board build-out

Animation/creative studio at our disposal for all things world-building and marketing, owned by our new creative director

The product (The Remnants):

Product pivot, moving from a 1 dimensional gamified staking platform to a multifaceted idle game with Defi embedded at its core

Undergoing a complete game design remodel, focusing on scalability

Curation of a deep, dynamic, chaotic, player-owned economy

Also; We’re coming for your $CMP and your Land. More on this soon.

A cashflow positive business model:

Longwood Labs


The model above depicts how value flows in and out of a traditional business. Up to now, we have never been able to provide more value back to ‘investors’ (you guys) than we have received through M1 (mint funds & royalties). This now changes. With us providing value to customers in return for M4 (revenue from customers), we now no longer rely on royalties to provide value back to you guys through M2.

What is Longwood Labs — the cashflow positive business model?

Longwood Labs is the premier web3 idle-gaming studio. It will provide end-to-end solutions creating immersive idle gaming worlds for existing NFT projects and their holders, and will also be the company responsible for bringing the biggest blockchain game ever (The Remnants) to fruition.

There are 2 parts to the Longwood Labs business model:

Software as a service: building gamified staking worlds for clients

The Remnants: building upon what we have created thus far and taking this shit to the next level in a cross-chain, idle MMORPG

Software as a service:

We provide clients with idle gamification solutions.

This is an end-to-end solution from design to implementation.

We have already generated 6 figures in revenue.

15% of revenue from said services will be used to buy-back cmp and add rewards to our game. For example, every $100k we generate in revenue there will be $15k used to reward holders.

Yes, that’s a sh*tload of $CMP to buy back, and is the first step in driving sustainable revenue to our token.

*Buying this $CMP back from FFF may be tricky, so we are discussing how exactly to execute on the buy back.

Our first client will be publicly announced over the next few weeks.

What To Expect Moving Forward

A period of vision alignment through Twitter and Discord announcement

Vision + litepaper documentation

New Remnants roadmap

New PFP and world concepts

Short-term features focusing on community engagement and strengthening our Whitelabel solution packages

Scaling of The Remnants ecosystem with a universe expansion and focus on new user acquisition

Client onboarding for Whitelabel tech

In the meantime, go open some crates for that Fel Sword.

With the continued support of our holders, and the collaboration of expertise shared by our team, we now find ourselves situated in the best possible position to execute on our vision. We know we were brief here, you will learn more over the coming weeks/month. For now relax, open some crates, and watch our plans unravel as we scale The Remnants to the largest idle game on the blockchain.

Source : Solana Medium

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