Social media security. How web3 can save your data

Centralized social networks are accustomed to requesting your personal data and monitoring your activity on the network. This is due to the fact that such sites are under the influence of the authorities and the government. All information on the platforms is filtered and processed. For example, with your personal data, they may show you ads that are relevant to you, but too intrusive.

If the platform knows who you really are, then it will be easier for you to control and provide your data to law enforcement if you somehow spoke about power or an idea in a wrong way. Everywhere there is accounting and control of information. The monopoly within the platform uses your personal data to its advantage.

But there is one problem, all data is stored on servers that are easy to hack, as there are ready-made attack vectors for them. In other words, a simple DDoS attack can leave a system vulnerable. For example, large social networks such as Facebook have been hacked more than once when the personal data of more than 1 billion people were stolen in a year. Such a database will allow fraudsters and hackers to carry out their manipulative actions.

Now do you think it’s safe to use centralized platforms when they’re so vulnerable?

Great solution: decentralization and web3 space

As we found out, the main security problems of centralized social networks are server vulnerabilities, the storage of your personal data, and manipulation by the government.

A good solution would be to simply change the platform and attract an audience to a more secure and anonymous one. Of course, there are already such, for example Solcial. The essence of this platform is in its technologies. The site uses IPFS nodes to encrypt data served by a huge number of nodes, thus creating a P2P communication environment without an intermediate or vulnerable server. The solution to the problem with the server is already there!

The second problem is related to manipulation by state bodies. It can indeed be circumvented by giving people power over a decentralized environment. Namely, democracy can be not only in reality, but also in the network. The moderation system on the Solcial platform is completely built on democracy, if the majority decides that any post violates morality or the law, then they will be able to file a complaint en masse, and this information will be decoupled from the main information broadcast.

We have already found solutions for two major vulnerabilities in centralized social networks. The third issue is the provision of personal data to the platform. Of course there is a solution, just do not include this information and that’s it. To register on the Solcial platform, you only need to connect a cryptocurrency wallet, for the creation of which you also do not need to provide personal data. Your wallet address is your information on the platform. Thus, even if the attackers manage to somehow hack the platform, they will not get your personal data because there is no information about you on the network.

Thus, web3 technologies replace all our usual ideas about social networks. These ideas of freedom and security are creating a new online world that will appreciate you as a unique individual and will do everything to ensure that you stay safe and develop without being manipulated or controlled.

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