Koalanas Look to Save Real Koalas With NFT Launch

Cute and sleepy koalas are drawn to help save the real koalas, and the team is looking to have some great fun in the process.

Koalanas: A Charitable NFT

The Koalanas project is on a mission that is dedicated to more than just digital art. The internationally represented core team behind the Solana NFT project, Koalanas, joined the Solana News Twitter Spaces for an hour-long AMA on November 10th. 

The Koalanas NFTs are set to launch and mint on November 13th at 17:00 UTC. The minting fee will be 0.69 SOL, where 10% will support endangered koalas affected by the Australian wildfires at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Those who get in on the mint will also receive a T-shirt from the team. 

“The idea is to just pay tribute to the koalas with a very fun and unique collection that’s been and drawn by our artist Vivi. She’s got a very nice touch– and that’s why we proposed to get on board to change things for [the Koalas] protection,” said Lil Scrappy one of the core team members and developers. 


The Koalanas team and project brought a bright and cheerful attitude when answering questions from Solana News host Andrew. The team threw in some jokes, trying to show how koalas are so sleepy, and even told a harrowing tale of adopting a koala rescued from a wildfire.

The team also reassured their community of their seriousness to the project. The first tease was a hip-hop themed OG Albinos collection that already dropped to appraise and enjoyment. The team expects to have the NFTs available for sale on the growing Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden. The team hinted at getting a deal with FTX as well. 

Ultimately, the team at Koalanas looks to be in this for the fun, community growth, and altruistic motivations. Beyond the mint, the team looks to keep the price of their NFTs at a solid price no matter if the SOL token skyrockets in prices. Maybe even a game for the Koalas could be coming.

“Yes, a game is something we have thought about as a next step. Something maybe like Tamagotchi where you can take care of your koalana, maybe hang out with it in the metaverse, smoke a blunt with it, do something fun like that,” added Lil Scrappy in response to a question from a listener in Pakistan. 

Source: Traits of the Koalanas

What is Koalanas:

The Koalanas are a collection of 6969 randomly generated hand-drawn koalas and are ready for a new home on the Solana blockchain. The primary goal is to prepare their furry friends with everything they need to rebuild their fallen habitat by supporting the Koala Hospital Port MACQUARIE.

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Source : solana.news

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