Jupiter Teams up With Hubble and Hellomoon for Trading Competition

Jupiter celebrates DeFi and NFT projects on Solana with weekly prizes.

Weekly Prizes, Starting with $GMT

Jupiter Aggregator, the primary liquidity aggregator and swap infrastructure for Solana ($SOL), has launched a trading competition and weekly giveaway for projects on the blockchain.

Hubble Protocol will also award weekly prizes for trades on $USDH pairs with each featured token and more prizes to be won, while Hello Moon will facilitate the token raffle and analytics of each week’s token trading.

This event coincides with Jupiter’s milestone of surpassing $20 billion in total trading volume, and they have lined up a series of community activities and giveaways for the month of July.


The first week of trading competitions will include participation from STEPN, the move-to-earn gaming project built on Solana and Binance Chain ($BNB). The STEP’N trading competition will feature $4,000 in rewards distributed in $USDH, $GST, and $GMT.

A different $USDH liquidity pair will be selected for each competition period. Pairs will be updated on a weekly basis, and Hello Moon will track the data used to distribute tickets to potential winners. Users earn tickets to enter the $USDH giveaways depending on the volume and frequency of their token swaps on the Jupiter platform.

Jupiter currently facilitates Solana swaps through around 3,500 routes and for about 8,000 unique wallet addresses a day. Users have swapped over $20 billion worth of crypto tokens through Jupiter, which reflects millions of dollars saved through Jupiter’s aggregation services.

Every Wednesday, Hubble and Jupiter will announce the token pair that will be involved in the competition for the week.

With each token pair, the goal will be to bring additional visibility to the project, to bring extra volume to the token and, ultimately, to reward the members of the project’s community.

There will be a scoring system that awards raffle tickets for trade count, daily streaks, and volume. At the end of each week, winners will be chosen via this raffle system. As long as the user trades the featured token pair via the Jupiter platform, they have a shot at winning up to $2,000.

What is Jupiter Aggregator:

Jupiter is the key liquidity aggregator and swap infrastructure for Solana, offering the widest range of tokens and best route discovery between any token pair. 

Jupiter aims to provide the most friendly UX for users and most powerful tools for developers to allow them to easily access the best-in-class swap in their application, interface or on-chain programs.

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Source : web3wire

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