Human Protocol Launches App After Hitting 200k Users

The protocol which announced their first Solana integration back in June launches an app to support the distributed marketplace.

Beta Version of App Gained Massive Traction

The Human protocol has announced the launch of their application after a highly successful beta testing period for the app.

The launch announcement came on December 22, with the beta testing period for the app witnessing the registration of over 200,000 new users, whose access will now automatically migrate for the fully launched version of the app. The app will serve as a gateway to the work process on the work distributing protocol. Users can access it to complete data labeling tasks and earn HMT tokens for each of the tasks completed.

“The HUMAN App showcases what is possible through HUMAN Protocol: hundreds of thousands of users all completing work on the same network via a simple interface that serves as an access point to the permissionless job markets the Protocol enables. We’re thrilled with the success of the beta version and our community’s interest in it and are excited to deliver this major milestone,” stated Harjyot Singh, Technology Director at HUMAN Protocol, in the official press release.

Source: Human Protocol Blog

“We want to illustrate the extent of HUMAN Protocol’s capabilities. Imagine any use case that requires the crowdsourced, incentivized input of millions, democratically and transparently requested, verified, and recorded. This is the beginning of that. What we’ve already made possible in the machine learning labeling market we can realize elsewhere, and add to the variety and value of tasks on the network,” added Singh.

Although the application currently only runs on the Ethereum and Polygon networks, its support will soon extend to other blockchain networks. The protocol’s first tryst with the Solana network was through an integration earlier this year in June for a Human CVAT on Solana, a semi-automated data labeling tool that helps data labelers to create more sophisticated datasets for machine learning practitioners.

The protocol is built for multi-chain use and is in partnerships with entities and networks like Solana, Algorand, Ethereum, Chainlink, Skale, Polkadot, Zilliqa, and Moonbeam.

What is Human Protocol?

The Human protocol is responsible for powering a distributed marketplace for delegating tasks across the network. The ecosystem is made up of 2 main users. First, the requesters of work that pay a fee in HMT tokens to launch jobs on the network, and second the workers that get compensated with HMT tokens for completing jobs on the network. The protocol has also released a year-end update for 2021 that summarizes the entire year for the ecosystem.

Source: Solana News

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