Heritage Collection Prepares for Immortal NFTs

By Dardania HavolliNFT

NFTs are beginning to offer the kind of utility the space had thought impossible, and Heritage is no exception.

Digital Immortality Through NFTs

Heritage NFT Collection is set to revolutionize how we think of NFTs by attempting to offer users a chance to immortalize themselves and their loved ones with blockchain technology. With a goal of launching on sometime soon (TBD), the team is prepared for a symbolic resurrection of life to crypto.

Web3Wire sat down with the excitable team behind the project to learn about the motivations behind what they are attempting to construct. Project Founder Crypto Mavis opened up on how losing a member of his family had inspired him to create something wherein people could live on, memorialized on the blockchain. 

“It came to me one day when I was thinking about my Uncle. I wanted to find a way if I could speak to him, be with him,” Mavis told Web3Wire.


What if you could enter the metaverse and meet your nearest and dearest in the form of visual memories and responses conjured to represent a real human? 

The mission statement offers a revealing look into the ambitions behind the project:

“The Heritage Team aims to help you and your loved ones achieve digital immortality. Data storage solutions for the internet have existed since the turn of the 21st century but regardless of how much you have invested in data preservation, no company or data center has ever been able to provide promises for perpetuity… until today. Utilizing the power of blockchain, Heritage will immortalize you on a personalized NFT.”

Perpetuity is the keyword here, and that can be rendered plausible by the technological possibilities of blockchain if we go along with the pioneering team at Heritage. What they are attempting to construct sits outside the realms of possibility for many but they’re intent on resurrecting life on the blockchain.


The project represents a departure from the norm, but in the surreal consideration of being memorialized on-chain, interesting ideas begin to open up. Aspects of blockchain technology that are championed could prove to be an effective way of recording and archiving exceptionally important and personal data. This is simply another way of referring to digital immortalization. Data may not be able to constitute an entire life, but it can undoubtedly construct a memorial worth visiting in the metaverse. Debuting on the Ethereum chain, the team has high aspirations for taking the project to be chain agnostic.

Web2 has already given rise to several ports of call for those looking to etch their lives onto the internet, whether it be through photos, videos, or conversations. This data could now be making its way to the metaverse, but what will this mean for normal everyday people?

In the next two weeks the team will enact a countdown to usher in the new era––new life––of blockchain. Heritage recognizes that the technology offers people a way of preserving their data and going beyond this to build something that lives on forever. 

Find out more about Heritage here:

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Source : web3wire.news

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