Helium NFT Track Raised 1486 SOL For Give India

Helium tapped from Solana’s Hackathon to support India’s population affected by the dreadful COVID pandemic.


Helum’s recent Zodiac-inspired Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sale raised a solid amount of capital for Give India relief efforts. On Wednesday, the 16th of June, 2021, Solana confirmed that Helium showed massive support for India’s population affected by the COVID19 pandemic. The censorship-resistant blockchain announced on Twitter that about 1486.05 SOL was raised for Give India thanks to the NFT auction hosted on Metaplex

Huge Amount of SOL Raised For Give India

Give India is India’s largest and most trusted platform for donations, with over 1.5 million donors and more than 150 corporate partners who have shown support for the masses. The platform was launched to support India’s population in response to the hardship caused by the COVID pandemic. Many projects have shown support for the platform in the past, and Helium is the latest to follow suit. 

According to Helium’s Tweet on June 16th, nearly $60,000 USD was raised from its NFT auction hosted on Metaplex. Metaplex allows creators to own their own NFT stores and build a strong relationship with their audience, offering extremely fast NFTs with very low minting fees, thanks to Solana. Helium used the social media platform to thank participants, adding that all proceeds from the auction will go to Give India for COVID relief. 

Helium Zodiac Hotspot NFT Auction 

Helium launched its Zodiac Hotspot NFTs on the 3rd of June 2021 for COVID relief. A total of 12 original pieces of NFT art were created and redeemable for Helium Hotspots. The Helium Zodiac is a collection of NFT art pieces with real animal names of Helium Hotspots from its reserve stock. 


The Helium team initially created the 12 Helium Hotspots in 2019; six were configured for North America and the other six for Europe. Each of the Helium Hotspots portrayed the image of an animal and minted on Metaplex as an NFT for minting and auctioning. The owner also has a one-time opportunity to redeem it for the physical Hotspot created on Helium. The auction ended on the 16th of June, 2021. 


Final Thoughts 

Helium showed tremendous support for the charity through the auction. Solana had a big hand in making the auction possible by offering its unique blockchain leveraged for creating fast NFTs with low minting fees. Through Metaplex, many creators/projects have been able to tap into Solana’s top-class features. Helium is one of such projects to have used Metaplex for a good cause. With almost $60,000 raised for COVID relief in India, Solana has contributed to society, and the proceeds will go a long way towards helping those affected in India.

Source : solana.news

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