Genopets Unveils MoveToEarn Game Mechanics

The new game mechanics create multiple “sinks” for players’ steps, creating a more enjoyable game and a more sustainable economy.

Complex Genoverse Mechanics

The MoveToEarn (MVE) game – Genopets – released the game mechanics litepaper, detailing how the in-game economy will work.

The team introduced the paper on April 27 via Twitter. It complements the original whitepaper and dives deeper into gameplay mechanics. With the game launch quickly approaching – expected in July or August – the community was eager to receive new information about the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game. Now, players can start scheming different earning strategies in the Genopets metaverse.

With MoveToEarn projects on Solana – like StepN – gaining mainstream attention, the Genopets team told Web3Wire News how they are designing the game mechanics to make the project sustainable in the long term:

“At Genopets, we believe the answer to sustainable earning lies in the creation of a thriving in-game virtual economy where players are afforded great autonomy to transact with one another,” explained the team. “Crafting, Exploring, Battling, and Nurturing your Genopet all make movement just the start of the game, it’s up to the player to decide how they use their steps to create value for themselves and the game economy.” 


According to the team, sustainability has been a guiding principle of the design process. As a result, Genopets wants to offer players multiple earning paths, enrichening their game experience and making the economy more sustainable in the long run.

Regarding the new M2E mechanics, the paper describes how Energy (E) will be the central in-game strategic resource. Derived from players’ real-life steps, E has many different use cases. For example, players can use the resource to nurture their Genopet, level it up, harvest $KI, craft items, or battle. The paper also offers an in-depth explanation of how Genopets level up and the mechanics of how Habitats work. Finally, it alludes to two much-anticipated events coming soon: the $GENE token staking feature and the $KI token launch.

What is Genopets:

Genopets claims to be the world’s first FreeToPlay and MoveToEarn NFT game. The game is built on the Solana blockchain network and allows users to integrate their daily activity in real life with blockchain economics enabling them to earn crypto while immersing in expansive gameplay.

Where to find Genopets?

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium

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