GenesysGo Shows Their Worth on DeFi Direct Livestream

Co-Founder of GenesysGo gives bullish sentiments through knowledgeable chat.

GenesysGo Vital for Solana

The DeFi Direct YouTube was graced on November 4th with some of the true unsung heroes of the Solana blockchain. The unsung heroes at GenesysGo are humbled by their success, DeFi Direct learned why to be bullish on Solana. Frank Mathis, Founder of GenesysGo, took Greg, Goon Trades, for a trip through the inner workings of Solana. 

In an hour-long conversation that was full of great talking points by Mathis, Mathis dove into the importance of RPC networks and the role that GenesysGo plays in the health, growth, and functionality of the entire Solana chain. On the back of a sold-out NFT sale the day before, they are paying back their recent success by ordering new servers to boost their RPC power.

“Basically, [we’re] giving the entire ecosystem access to an unrate-limited, unthrottled RPC network. So that way they can go chase the Solana speed limit so that they can see how fast the algorithm can actually build blocks without having to be limited or anything like that,” Mathis said about the team’s upcoming developments.


Mathis shared a wealth of information from the reasons behind the recent Solana crash, the symbiosis between network validators and RPC layers, and the plan to showcase the nuances of NFT talent. At times he even befuddled the host. 

More importantly, Mathis showed why GenesysGo looks like a huge player behind the scenes of Solana’s growth. The work done by GenesysGo affects anyone who interacts with Solana, because as explained by Mathis, RPCs are the backbone to the decentralization of any blockchain. 

“RPCs are as essential as validators––from a hardware standpoint, RPCs are hit harder than validators. But, it’s a very symbiotic relationship. Without RPC servers, validators and the chain wouldn’t be able to operate. And, of course, the opposite is true. Without validators, you don’t have RPCs or the chain,” Mathis explained.

For all those interested in the Solana chain, this talk is certainly not one to miss. Catch the full chat here.

What is GenesysGO:

GenesysGo was founded in 2020 as a protocol that builds RPC infrastructure specifically for the Solana blockchain. The purpose is to help developers build and scale their projects. Genesys Network provides Solana developers with low-cost developer support and Mainnet RPC resources. GenesysGo does not charge for data, there are no rate limits, and they never throttle. They also provide a robust cloud computing foundation built under Solana. The company is focused on building the infrastructure behind the scenes to help drive the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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