Gasless Geese – Providing NFTs With Utility

An innovative NFT project with multiple use-cases designed to promote NFT adoption on the Solana blockchain.

What is Gasless Geese? 

Gasless Geese is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project built to drive more innovation and foster adoption on the Solana blockchain. The Solana-based project features a flock of 3,333 unique computer-generated Gasless Geese. 

The Gasless Geese NFTs represent one of the best collections on Solana. The unique collection was built by a team of NFT investors and creators to offer users a cheaper alternative to the Ethereum network. Ethereum gas fees have been a massive flaw for NFT enthusiasts, and utilizing the Solana blockchain is a very decent approach towards giving users the best NFT experience worldwide. 

According to the protocol’s website description, the flock of Gasless Geese has traveled for years over the perilous open sea, searching for the promised land and forever home known as Solana Beach. 

The Gasless Geese Ecosystem 

Although the project features eye-catching and unique artwork, there are many other innovations on the roadmap. Here are a few examples of what this project has in store:

P2P Escrow Platform for NFTs

In the wake of the unending scams around the NFT ecosystem involving swapping NFTs, Gasless Geese has created a plan to launch a trustless escrow platform on its website. The escrow platform will enable Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfers in a trustless, safe and secure environment. Users will trade NFT to NFT, NFT to SOL, and SOL + NFT to NFT. 

The escrow platform will validate the authenticity of NFT collections and charge a small fee on SOL transfers. In addition, on-site transfers will be free for holders of Gasless Geese NFTs. 

NFT Launchpad 

This feature is meant to educate developers and audiences on the benefits of Solana’s ecosystem, including its cheaper fees offerings, better functionality, and overall experience. In addition, the NFT launchpad will focus on providing upcoming projects with marketing and development expertise. 

QR Enabled NFTs

The QR codes on each NFT will facilitate the checking of rarities, transaction history, and access to special content around attributes of the Gasless Geese NFTs. In the future, the QR codes will allow for customization, connecting the background of users’ NFT to their SPL wallet or personal NFT gallery. 

The Cackle DAO 

Every unique innovation that the NFT project will implement was built and voted on by the Cackle Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The community consists of holders of the First Voyagers—a collection of 500 Gasless Geese that sold out at a stealth mint on October 28th. 

The Cackle DAO is built to sustain the protocol’s activities by introducing innovations to its ecosystem while generating revenue to create unique products to give value to its holders. 

The Cackle DAO community

Gasless Geese NFTs and Minting Details 

As stated above, Gasless Geese is the project’s native NFT collection, and they are 3,333 in number. The unique computer-generated collection will be minted on December 4th at 19:00 UTC on the Gasless Geese website. 

Of the total 3333 NFTs, 2000 Geese will be available for mint. Holders of the First Voyagers will be airdropped two each for a total of 1000. The remaining 333 will be rewarded to users via contests and as special ecosystem invites. Once the collection is sold out, the Geese will be listed on numerous top platforms like Solanart, Digital Eyes, Magic Eden, and FTX. 

Gasless Geese will be randomly generated from an array of over 170 unique attributes ranging from skis, clothing, headwear, eyewear and mouth elements.

One of the NFTs from the Gasless Geese collection 

Last Words 

Gasless Geese is leveraging Solana’s superior transaction speed, scalability, and cheaper fees to ensure users enjoy the best NFT experience. With the upcoming NFT minting event and other unique innovations already in place, Gasless Geese looks to build one of the strongest NFT ecosystems on Solana with multiple use-cases. The project is expected to build on it’s current roadmap by continuing to innovate with the input of it’s community.

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