FTX Moves Over $10 Million from Solana Cold Wallet to Ethereum

Token Movement via Wormhole Bridge

Tokens such as LINK, SUSHI, LUNA, and YFI are among the assets that are being moved using the Wormhole bridge.

The activity, which commenced on August 31, has been ongoing and raises questions about whether it signifies a broader strategic move or a consolidation of wallets by FTX.

An FTX cold wallet with the Solana address 6b4aypBhH337qSzzkbeoHWzTLt4DjG2aG8GkrrTQJfQA has been actively transferring a range of tokens to Ethereum. The transferred tokens include well-known names like LINK, SUSHI, LUNA, and YFI. These transfers have been facilitated through the Wormhole bridge, commencing on August 31 and continuing to the present day, involving over $10 million in total assets.

Wormhole Bridge Facilitates Transfers

These large-scale transfers have been made possible through the Wormhole bridge, allowing for seamless asset transfers between Solana and Ethereum. FTX’s utilization of Wormhole suggests potential arbitrage opportunities or preparations for a strategic pivot.

While such activity may be considered routine for a large trading platform like FTX, the scale and specific choice of tokens being transferred make it a noteworthy development. This action prompts questions regarding market liquidity and potential impacts on the respective ecosystems of these tokens.

As of now, both FTX and Solana have not issued any official statements or explanations regarding these transfers. It remains to be seen whether this is part of a broader reshuffling of assets or a tactical response to prevailing market conditions.


In conclusion, the ongoing transfers from an FTX cold wallet on Solana to Ethereum warrant close monitoring. These transfers may offer valuable insights into FTX’s strategic direction and could have implications for the tokens being transferred and their associated ecosystems.

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