Co-Founder of MakerDAO Explores Solana as a Potential NewChain Platform

MakerDAO Co-founder’s Vision for NewChain

MakerDAO co-founder Rune Post has suggested exploring a fork of the Solana codebase for NewChain, the proposed new independent blockchain for the Maker protocol. According to Post, Solana is the most promising codebase for this project, but Cosmos is also under consideration.

The Endgame Plan and NewChain

This move is part of the fifth stage of the Endgame plan, which envisions the implementation of the entire Maker protocol on a new blockchain. The use of a distinct blockchain will enable MakerDAO to function independently while also enhancing efficiency and scalability.

Solana and Cosmos Advantages

With Solana’s fast transaction speeds and Cosmos’ interoperability features, the future of MakerDAO on NewChain looks promising.

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