Friktion Launches Portfolio Manager to Easily Track Returns and Values

Anyone can access diverse, risk-adjusted returns by analyzing and optimizing Friktion Volt portfolios.

Friktion Portfolio Manager Makes Investing Easy

Friktion, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) portfolio management protocol on the Solana network, has introduced a portfolio manager to let users easily track their returns (Alpha) and values (Beta) across positions in Friktion’s capital allocation strategies (called Volts). 

“Friktion’s Portfolio Manager is a big step forward in DeFi around understanding what drives risks and returns for investors,” the Friktion team told Web3Wire. “Every user can now access Institutional grade portfolio analysis and have the tools to diversify risk across strategies.”

Whether you’re an institution, whale or active trader, you can access diverse, risk-adjusted returns by analyzing and optimizing the performance of a portfolio of Friktion Volts. As reported in a Medium post published by the Friktion team on July 14, Friktion’s Portfolio Manager provides important metrics that can help investors.

Let’s take a look:


The chart shows the net dollar returns generated by all Volts (profit-or-loss/PnL). It is commonly referred to as Alpha, which measures how well a strategy succeeds compared to the overall market.

Further, the overall return on investment (ROI) is shown as a net return based on the spot price during each one- or two- week investment cycle (called Epochs). Net Returns generated are shown in the top chart, while Profit and Loss (PnL) generated (per Epoch) are shown in the bottom chart. By hovering over each stacked bar, you can see each Volt’s or Asset’s performance that week.

Returns chart. Source

Portfolio Value

Historical portfolio values are tracked in dollars ($USDC), including initial deposits and returns on investment. Often called Beta, this is a measure of market exposure (risk) for a portfolio.

Portfolio Value. Source

Because some Volts (Volt#01: Generate Income) are designed to produce yield on non-USDC assets, any change in their price will be reflected here. For example, if you had deposited 100 SOL in Volt#01 in January 2022, you would have 115 SOL now. However, because SOL’s price (in USDC) has dropped, the Value chart will also reflect this.

Position Tracker

Users can gain a deeper understanding of each asset they actively hold using the Position Tracker. An asset’s Deposit/Withdrawal modal will open when you click on an individual row on the list.

A table of all Volt positions of an account. Source

Activity Table (Historical Transactions)

You can monitor and download all your historical Volts transaction activity using the Activity table. You can also download your historical transactions as CSV files.

Activity table. Source

Get started with the Friktion Portfolio Manager by connecting Learn more about Friktion Portfolio manager here.


What is Friktion:

Friktion is a DeFi portfolio management protocol that runs on Solana and is designed to perform across market cycles. It is an asset management tool that automatically allows users to maximize returns while mitigating risks by employing automated ‘Volts’ strategies. 

Where to find Friktion:

Website | Twitter |  dApp | Discord

Source : web3wire

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