Francium AMA Recap

Solana_Daily hosts Francium: a Decentralized Automatic Investment Platform built on Solana.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome. How are you today?

Icy Awecium: Hello everyone, I’m Icy from Francium. Glad to be in this great community.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Are you ready for the AMA Icy?

Icy Awecium: Sure, let’s start!

Solanda_Daily Admin: Great!

Q1: Please first introduce your team and why you built Francium.

Solanda_Daily Admin: And please include why the name “Icy” I’m just curious to know

Icy Awecium: We started writing our first line of code in May when the Solana Seasonal hackathon began, and Francium participated in that Hackathon. We won the first runner-up of Asia and kin prize.

Before we engaged with Francium, we were all practitioners in Blockchain & Internet Finance. DeFi is a highly innovative field. Some people gained high yield through DeFi, but tons of capital is not used efficiently or wisely. At that time, we thought, maybe it’s time for us to build something, something that can enhance capital efficiency and bring users sustainable yield. That’s how Francium was born.

Lol, it’s because I like its pronunciation.

Solanda_Daily Admin: Ok roger that haha, I like Awecium more though.

Q2: Well, this is really some of the issues that DeFi users are facing, so what kind of product is Francium going to offer to help users solve these issues?

Icy Awecium: Francium is a yield strategy aggregator on Solana. Our vision is to let DeFi users apply any strategies on any targets, and bring various high-yield opportunities to DeFi users.

In the DeFi world, there are a lot of yield opportunities, such as lending, liquidity mining, staking, subjective trading, arbitrage, etc. However, users may not make full use of these opportunities to gain profits due to reasons like lack of funds, lack of effective strategies, inability to find opportunities in time, etc. At the same time, the fund utilization of most DeFi protocols is still at a low level.

Francium Protocol is aimed to provide diverse yield targets and strategies with leverage allowing users to open leverage positions on multiple strategies such as portfolio management, leveraged yield farming, algorithmic trading strategies, etc.

Leverage is the core part of finance. Francium has established its own liquidity provision protocol and is also actively expanding protocols and inter protocol lending to provide margin for strategies.

Francium will integrate a variety of financial instruments (such as options and future) to help users create and implement various strategies.

Moreover, Francium’s strategy bot will provide a host of functions like off-chain calculations and data input, Automatic Trading Strategy, Debt Refinance, LP Position Management, Stop-profit, Stop-loss, and Yield Collection & Compounding.

The last and far most concern, obviously, is trust, trust in terms of security. Considering this, the Francium team agreed first things first. We designed a series of special protection mechanisms, including Oracle protection, active liquidation pools, strategy whitelisting, etc., to protect our users’ assets.

Francium’s various strategies and protection mechanisms will bring sustainable high-yield and stable yield opportunities to users.

Q3: Various strategies and designs have indeed laid the foundation for the attractiveness and innovation of Francium. So, what’s the current progress of the protocol?

Icy Awecium: The beta version of Francium was launched on Solana Mainnet at the end of July, and there are hundreds of millions of dollars earning yield with Francium.

Lending Pool, Leveraged Yield Farming, Contribution Incentive System and Farming Strategies are included in the current version of Francium.

Now on, you can farm in pools with high APY. You can also set a low stop-loss threshold to reduce the risk brought by leverage. We are the only one that allows you to set up a stop-loss position.

Francium is also very easy to use.

For example, if you want to farm a pool, all you need to do is deposit a token, such as USDC. Francium’s on-chain smart contract will automatically convert half of the deposited USDC into another token (e.g. SOL), then add these tokens to the relevant Dex to get the LP, and then stake the LP to the farming pools. In addition, compounding is an important way to generate high profits. Francium helps users automatically take out their earnings and reinvest them into the relevant positions. This allows profits to be generated quickly, thus maximizing earnings.

Lending Pool:

Users can deposit tokens into lending pools on Francium to get interest. The APY of lending pools on Francium is higher than most of the lending protocols because utilization of fund in these pools is high most of the time.

Farming Strategies:

Francium team is working hard to integrate strategy tools that will help you design your own farming strategies, we have also been exploring the most effective farming strategies out there and we will be deploying them for you to use.

The first farming strategy we launched is Pseudo-Delta Neutral Hedging Strategy, which takes a long and short position in an asset simultaneously to minimize the effect on your portfolio when the asset’s price moves. We’ll launch more strategies soon, please stay tuned.

Contribution Incentive System:

Francium has a contribution system. Contribution Points (CPs) is a kind of certification for the early users of Francium, who are involved in Francium (like joining in the early activities, finding bugs, proposing good suggestions) will be rewarded!  Feel free to touch admins/moderators if you think your contribution deserves CPs. Francium will give continuous rewards to users based on CPs.

You can check the details of these strategies in our docs:

Q4: Because of that, the viewers can get high APY using Francium protocol. And CPs make me feel like a long-term beneficiary of the protocol. What plans do you have for the future? What more does Francium have in store for us?

Icy Awecium: The goal of Francium is to bring various high APR strategies to DeFi Users. Leveraged Yield Farming is just one part of this.

Francium is cooperating with TOP traders and trading platforms to create professional strategies for users.

By the way, all users can use the tools provided by Francium to create strategies visually. Strategies Dev Tools will promote the establishment of a prosperous strategic community.

Dev Tools and incubation DAO will be gradually present in the future. Welcome everyone to come and experience it.

Q5: Future features are also expected. We’d also like to get to know your team. Who are the core members of the project team? And what makes you guys special.

Icy Awecium: Thank you for the question.

Members of Team Francium are all from TOP blockchain and Internet companies.

Before building Francium Protocol, we have accumulated a wealth of blockchain algorithm research and implementation experience. We’re also very early users of DeFi.

Based on these experiences, a lot of innovative work is being done.

Q6: Thanks for the great introduction, we will have other questions. Ready to start? How are you different from and better than other leveraged yield farming aggregators?

Icy Awecium: A lot of people asked about that. The interesting part is, we are not a leveraged yield farming aggregator.

Surely our main feature at the current stage is LYF, but it’s only a small part of the story. Our final goal is to build a DeFi strategy aggregator, bringing high yield with different strategies to DeFi users.

LYF is only one of the strategies you can choose from.

Even if we only talk about LYF, we have our advantages. Francium allows our users to set up a stop-loss position, which can greatly reduce the risks. We’ll continue to launch excellent farming strategies next.

Q7: Francium, why this name? When tokens?

Icy Awecium: Francium is the most active metal element. This name can perfectly show our features, like, what we are doing is to bring innovation to Solana, to DeFi. We’re gonna be one of the most active projects to bring high yield to our users continuously.

As for the token, we’ll make announcements when everything is ready. Please stay tuned and join our community to get the latest announcements:

Francium App:






Q8: Francium launched a yield farming calculator recently, could you introduce it briefly?

Icy Awecium: Thank you Daley. A few days ago, Francium launched a visual yield farming calculator on Solana.

1. Yield Farming Calculator

The yield farming calculator can be used as a position equity simulator based on different position settings. With the yield farming calculator, you can set up one position and see how much you will earn, how changes in price impact your equity values, and the risk of liquidation. You may also model changes in value for different amounts of leverage and different borrowed assets.

DeFi users in the community have been suffering from the inconvenience of calculating the profits and risks of leveraged farming, and that’s why the calculator was born.

2. Farming Simulator

To help Defi users better farm, Francium launches yield farming simulator on the farming page to assist in opening positions of current asset pair. You’re able to know your estimated profit under different conditions with this simulator.

3. Position Tracking

After opening a position on Francium, you can use the farming simulator to check your position details and track them. The parameters of this chart are rendered based on the latest data of your actual positions. You’re able to know your estimated profit in X days with it and P&L while price changes.

You can check the details here:

Welcome everyone to experience our yield farming calculator and simulator:

Solanda_Daily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Francium

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Icy Awecium: Thank you for having us, thank everyone who participated in our AMA today. Merry Christmas everyone!

BSCDaily Admin: Merry Christmas to Francium and you too. Have a good one.

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