Discord CEO Teases App Integration With Ethereum

Citron’s hint came in response to a famous writer who suggested that Discord embrace Web 3 network.

Will Discord Add Ethereum Support? 

Co-founder and CEO of Discord, Jason Citron, raised speculations about integrating Ethereum on the top social media platform while responding to a Twitter user and founder of Not Boring Capital and Not Boring newsletter, Packy McCormick. 

Packy McCormick tweeted about Discord’s potential of having a Web 3 network, given its broad reach of over 150 million monthly users. Citron posted a screenshot with the inscription in response to Packy’s tweet “probably nothing,” which has been surfacing numerous media outlets and pages, meaning “probably something.”

“Imagine a place built for gamers, home to everyone playing the Great Online Game, has 150 million MAUs, generates $130 million in revenue, is a web3 sleeper,” McCormick tweeted on November 8th. 


Citron’s screenshot has raised question marks across social media, with many suggesting that it is a hint that Discord could integrate the Ethereum network through Metamask or Walletconnect. Although Discord currently does not support Metamask, Citron’s reply may be what is on the horizon.

In any case, if the integration eventually happens, it would be perfect for numerous Non-fungible Token (NFT) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects utilizing Discord servers. 

Cryptocurrency Mainstream Adoption 

The latest development shows that cryptocurrencies have gained adoption across numerous ecosystems, including social media. In addition, the internet has embraced cryptocurrencies, and we can only expect other platforms to utilize blockchain technology. 

While quoting Citron’s tweet, SwagtimusPrime.eth, on Twitter, discussed the demand for cryptocurrency in excitement about Discord’s rumored partnership with Ethereum. 

“Notice how Solana had to pay off Brave to integrate Solana into the brave wallet. Notice how Discord integrates Ethereum because it’s fucking cool, and the demand is overwhelming,” the tweet read. 

Source : solana.news

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