Delta One Announces $9.1M in Seed Round

Delta One plans to use the funds to accelerate the protocol’s core development and ecosystem expansion.

A $9.1M Seed Round With Big Investors 

Delta One, the Solana DeFi protocol, recently announced their $9.1M seed round led by Alameda Research and Ship Capital as the team looks to democratize sustainable, delta-neutral yield to the subsequent billion users of DeFi. 

According to the announcement via Twitter on April 19, Delta One informed that apart from the lead investors, there were other investors, including Solana Ventures, Raj Gokal,  Electric Capital, Alley Corp, mgnr,  Solar Eco Fund, Chris Mccan, Joe Mccann, and Edith Yeung. According to Delta One, the team intends to use the funds to enhance the protocol’s development and ecosystem expansion, emphasizing the integration of projects focusing on Delta One’s product offering.

“Delta-neutral farming is a technique that many hedge funds love to use, but it can require spending hours each day crunching numbers and tracking positions when done manually by retail investors,” Delta One co-founder DJ Sengh says in a press release. “We believe democratizing these strategies through structured products will be a pivotal part of onboarding the next billion users of DeFi.”


Delta One is working toward expanding its ecosystem by partnering with projects that could build on the protocol’s vaults, as reported by Brandy Betz from Coindesk. This includes teams developing new lending markets, reserve currencies, and novel options strategies. Further, Delta One is considering creating a stablecoin to help customers earn a stable rate of return across multiple vaults without entering the site.

In 2021, Delta One was launched as part of the Solana Ignition Hackathon. The company has grown tremendously over the past half-year. As a result, it has become one of the most highly anticipated projects in the Solana ecosystem. Currently, Delta One has over 100,000+ Delta Farmers on its waitlist in order to build delta-neutral yield strategies. 

What is Delta One:

Delta One strives to provide a sustainable yield to the next billion DeFi users by developing structured products that generate income and a delta-neutral stablecoin. According to the site, with delta-neutral and impermanent loss-free farming markets, hedge funds and retail investors can now price risk in a way that has never been possible before and hedge away unwanted exposure easily. 

The farmers Investing covers all impermanence losses through their vaults. With Delta One’s suite of yield generation products, users can ‘set and forget’ their positions as they de-risk their downside in various ways.

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