Degen Apes Credit the Community for Rousing Success

The team also teased their next art collection set to come out very soon: Degenerative Trash Pandas–fitting for this open and candid group of fun primates.

Monkeying Around

It turned out to be an interview full of levity from the start and never let up, Monoliff from the Degenerative Ape Academy brought a tenacity that proves why this project is one of the top NFT projects across all of DeFi.

The project has seen success matched by few other projects but the Artist, Creative Director, and proclaimed Shitposter from Degen Apes, Monoliff indicated that the team owes it all to the community behind them. The leader spread some love and humble words for the Degen Ape community while answering 8 questions and more. 

“[S]eriously this is a credit to the community. If you believe in something and others join you in that belief, you’re unstoppable. No matter what it is. Our community believes in the brand, and it seems more and more are joining them in that belief. And I don’t blame them. Our focus is to build, then grow, then rinse and repeat. Skys the limit at this point,” wrote Monoliff to the Telegram community. 

The team at the Degen Academy is cooking up another collection for its community. Monoliff was happy to be back exercising his creative capacity and is eager for the Degen community to see the new Degenerative Trash Pandas project. 

The work from Degen comes from some tireless hours according to Monoliff. Keen to back up their “unprecedented shit show” with further growth, Monoliff says they are most excited about the further growth coming in the intellectual property related to the Degenerative Ape brand. 

“Simply put, i’m excited about evolving. The ‘degeniverse expansion’ is just a cute way of saying IP and community growth. We are partnering with a new team, a team I trust a-lot and who have big plans to further the ‘Degenerate’ IP. It’s also just been fucking relieving getting back into art again, and I cant wait for our holders to see what we have in-store for them,” they wrote.

For a full recap on all the questions and the—fun—answers, check it out here.

About Degen Ape Academy:

The Degenerate Ape Academy is an NFT collection through Solanart, one of the catalysts in the recent NFT surge on Solana. Several of the Degen Apes drew serious news coverage for fetching prices in the multi-millions and driving a creative bonanza––or shall I say BANANZA!

The hype for the Apes saw a record mint of 10,000 apes sold out in eight minutes. Birthed in the depths of Dingus Forest, the Degenerate Apes from Monoliff have blasted into crypto in a Jumanji-like fashion achieved by just a few lucky projects.

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