DazedDucks Explains Their Mission

The NFT project joined us for an AMA, discussing the DazedDucks team, their art, and their lofty future plans.

DazedDucks Joins Us

On December 10th, the DazedDucks team joined the Solana News Twitter Spaces for an AMA. The team explained that they are based out of Antigua, an island in the Caribbean. 

The AMA kicked off with the DazedDucks team introducing themselves and their roles in the project; ZachTastic is the marketing manager while Shaun is the chief financial officer (CFO), while the art for the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project is done by Antiguan artist Guava. Full team details can be found on their YouTube channel.

“He’s the brainchild honestly, behind the whole DazedDucks concept, but most of us have been following him since we were kids, really, you know, he’s been around as an artist on the island for a long, long, long time and established himself,” the team explained about Guava’s role in the project.

Big Plans

The team detailed that while the project just started off as a small dive into NFTs, it has evolved into a full-scale project. Guava described the inspiration for DazedDucks is “a duck that doesn’t give a f*** that’s getting sh*t done,” with artistic themes leaning into marijuana culture and intergalactic travel.

The team also explained how the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that they have integrated into platform governance will benefit holders of their NFTs. 

DazedDucks Rewards

Shaun explained that when minting starts, an 80/20 split would be enacted where 80% of the funds would go to the DAO. The 80/20 split for holders is a common theme for the project, as merchandise proceeds will also be distributed in a similar manner.

The team said that DAOs are essentially the Venture Capitalists (VCs) of the blockchain. They plan to fully launch the DAO by the end of next year; they also noted that it is possible that they could be voted out by the community, which indicates the fairness and transparency of the DAO. 

What Makes Them Unique?

  • The project is the first NFT project based out of the Caribbean.
  • The NFTs will have animations integrated.
  • Building out a community-controlled ecosystem with a central dashboard that shows data on rewards and ecosystem activity.

Final Words

The team concluded by urging listeners to join their Discord and mailing lists. They revealed that anyone who was a part of the Twitter Spaces and joined the Discord would receive an OG DazedDuck, which grants them a spot in the exclusive whitelist (which otherwise is now closed). They also explained how their future Metaverse would be accessible, as well as the exciting events happening in their Discord (meme contests, AMA spaces, and more).

With the mint date coming up, the team is working hard to prepare 100 Legendary Duck NFTs. These are all hand drawn by Guava and will be randomly sprinkled throughout the mint.

Source: Solana.news https://www.solana.news/post/dazedducks-explains-their-mission

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