DarleyGo Off to the Races on Solana

DarleyGo is soon to launch, starting with the closed beta on May 20. A player can race, train, breed, and collect NFT horses in the game.

Myth-Based NFT Horseracing Game

DarleyGo is set to launch on Solana as the world’s first myth-based Non-Fungible Token(NFT) horseracing game. 

The DarleyGo Game first gained attention after winning the community choice award at the Solana Ignition Hackathon last October. The whitepaper states that the game will allow players to train, race, breed, and collect NFT horses. DarleyGo horses are unique and have their own characteristics and abilities. Web3Wire reached out to Alvin Lam, founder of DarleyGo, who revealed the motivation behind creating the game:

“Our team is composed of hardcore horse racing enthusiasts and gamers. We’ve always wanted to improve one of the major elements of all horse racing video games these years, which is Monetization.  After realizing the potential of NFT Gaming and its impact on the transition gaming industry, we decided to combine our knowledge and talent in horse racing and gaming development to build DarleyGo.”


The Game Story:

According to a Medium article, the story is set on a planet called Altair, in the Kavais Galaxy, populated by horses. Darley, Areo, and Hayato are three of the most influential horse tribes, and each of them possesses legendary, heroic horse traits in their bloodlines. Each year, the horses compete for the title of Horse-Above-All-Horses in the traditional annual competition. 

DarleyGo Game Modes

DarleyGo’s gameplay revolves around three main modes: 

Racing Mode (PvP): Players compete in Racing Mode against up to 12 others to earn SPL tokens for glory and honor.

Trainer Mode: You can learn more about your horses’ abilities and personalities. By training your horses with the DarleyHorses NPC or other players, you can earn experience points and level up your horses while collecting SPL tokens.

Breeding Mode: Breeding success requires a deep study of your horse’s pedigree and ability, just like in real-life horse racing games.

Racing Mode

There are two levels in Racing Mode:

The Level 1 Racing event is a regular race where players compete with other active players.

Level 2 Racing is more intense. It is up to players to decide what distance/track/weather will suit their horses the best.

Even though higher levels offer bigger prize pools, they are also significantly more challenging for players.


According to Alvin, DarleyGo chose to build on Solana for its speed and ecosystem.

“Speed, it’s definitely super important when it comes to gaming,” Alvin Lam shares with Web3Wire. “Ecosystem, we’d seen many high-quality projects are being built on Solana, which we also think will surely benefit our project in the long run.”

DarleyGo uses the governance token $DGE to facilitate breeding, staking, voting, and an in-house marketplace. GXE is the primary transaction currency in the DarleyGo universe, mainly for racing rewards, breeding, and In-Game NFTs.

As announced in the Discord announcement, DarleyGo went live on Magic Eden with 3,800 Genesis Cards on January 23,  2022, at 12:00 PM(UTC) with a mint price of 1.1 SOL. Genesis Cards are premium cards available to early DarleyGoers. In addition, before the game’s launch, holders can redeem one Genesis NFT horse per card (blind box style) and receive exclusive perks.

There are currently 133 DarleyGo Genesis horses listed in Magic with a floor price of 2.79 SOL and an average price of 3.79 SOL. Further, DarleyGo has its own marketplace, which went live on May 6.

Lam further continues about what DarleyGo will be bringing in the next few days:

“From Winning the Solana Hackathon, First NFT drop, IDO, to game launch. There have been so many exciting events for our community and the team since last year. For Next, it will definitely be our beta launch! We are first launching a closed beta exclusively for our own community first on 20th May 2022, then public beta approximately two weeks after closed beta.”

Learn more about DarleyGo from Alvin, co-founder of DarleyGo, in this recent AMA hosted by Solana News. DarleyGo’s Youtube is another place to learn more about the game, as they post new tutorials regularly.

What is DarleyGo?

DarleyGo is a Solana-based horse racing GameFi project with a mythical theme. Players use NFT horses to play in a variety of game modes, including racing (PvP), training, breeding, and other exciting gameplay options. The DarleyGo team comes from a background that includes real-world horse stable management which inspired the development of the project.

DarleyGo received the Community Choice award from the 2021 Solana Ignition Hackathon, winning a $10,000 USD prize. With the rise in popularity of NFTs and GameFi projects on the high-speed blockchain, DarleyGo is in a prime position as the first horse racing game.

Learn more about DarleyGo:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium | Whitepaper

Source : web3wire.news

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