Credix Raises Impressive $2.5 Million in Seed Fund

With seed funding secured and investor plaudits evident for all to see, the future seems bring for Credix

Project Strolls Into Web3 with Successful Seed Round

Credix have managed to raise an impressive $2.5 million in a seed round designed to build an ‘enterprise-grade’ DeFi credit marketplace.

The project will aim to link fintechs in emerging markets with global investors in a move that could have an important impact. The seed round was initially led by DRW Cumberland and ParaFi Capital, but they were joined by the likes of Solana Ventures, Transfero Swizz BRZ Solana Ecosystem Fund and MGNR to name but a few from a lengthy list. 

Credix shares an understanding of the far-reaching capability inherent in the industry they are a part of:

“We firmly believe that blockchain technology has the vast potential to disrupt the global debt capital markets,” Credix CEO and Founder Thomas Bohner revealed. “By bridging the world of decentralized finance with real-world assets, we can unlock huge value for the market. Credit in emerging countries costs up to 250% a year. With the confidence and commitment of our investors, we will be even better positioned to accelerate our mission to democratize credit investing with a positive impact.” 


With funding secured the forthcoming period is set to offer a great deal of excitement for the project who will be keen to get underway. 

“Credix is set to go live as of January 2022, providing debt funding to four credit fintechs and already committing to fifteen others across LatAm,” the project exclusively revealed to Solana News via Press Release. “Additionally, the firm is planning to support BRZ and launch its Credix token next year.” They added.

With the release of a native token on its way, users will be keeping a keen eye on just how much progress this ambitious project can make in its initial months. For now though, users will be impressed by the success of the funding round and indeed the impression the project appears to have made on initial investors. 

“ParaFi is excited to back Credix in connecting real-world finance with DeFi, and in supporting the team’s mission of improving access to credit and promoting financial inclusion in emerging markets.” ParaFi Capital’s Technical Researcher Mika Honkasalo explains. “Credix is tackling an underserved and quickly growing market with FinTechs and non-bank loan originators in Latin America and can help cut down on the inefficiencies in traditional finance.”

Honkasalo’s recognition of the potential behind the project is to be lauded, and Solana News will be keeping a close eye on just how much progress this exciting project manages to make in the forthcoming months.

What is Credix?

Credix is a decentralized credit marketplace founded by three entrepreneurs, combining 15 years of crypto and financial markets experience. They state they have known each other since university and used to work together at IntellectEU, a blockchain and crypto fintech. Credix informs us that today it is a team of eight, spread across the globe, and is supported by different strategic advisors from VISA, Itau, Augmentum, and Blocks. The team has the ambition to redesign how debt financing works, which will result in more inclusive credit for the unbanked and end consumers in emerging markets.

Source: Solana News

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