Coinmeca AMA Recap hosts Coinmeca: The DeFi a hybrid of DEX and CEX with fast and low fees through Solana the high-performance blockchain.

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome, @mecanova How are you today? 

Polan: Great

Polan: Thanks for inviting us. Much excitement to present us to a great community.

BSCdaily – Admin: The pleasure is ours.

BSCdaily – Admin: Ready to start our AMA @mecanova? 

Polan: Of course ready when you are sir.

Q1: What makes Coinmeca have advantages in functionality and benefits as a holder/investor in the long term?

PolanLike other DEXs, we are also envisioning something like an IDO platform or an IFO or helmet for Pancakeswap. Long-term holding of our tokens gives us the opportunity to invest in a selection of new projects that are listed on our DEX. You can also benefit from commission discounts and more by increasing our token holdings.

Q2: Why are these tokens or coins on the Solana network?

Polan: Solana is a blockchain with the best performance, and it was judged to be the most user-friendly due to its fastest speed and low transaction fees among existing blockchains. At the moment, there isn’t a platform that can match w/ Solana in terms of its usability and efficiency when molded into DEX.

Q3: Why Coinmeca? What are the features and advantages that distinguish this coin from others, what makes investors like me interested in investing here?

Polan: We operate Lp’s assets with optimal efficiency through an automated liquidity distribution system that is different from the existing DEX. In addition, traders expect this will reduce slippage caused by liquidity shortages. Also in this aspect, we are attempting to introduce and merge a “Reserve Book” system similar to an Orderbook, allowing you to “reserve” an order at a price other than the price set by AMM. Only fast-paced Solana can handle this, and our project is the first DEX to try this way.

BSCdaily – Admin: Thank you for a very detailed answer.

Q4: Is a project that requires support from all types of communities, so has your team prepared a plan to differentiate between local and multilingual communities?

Polan: Yes, definitely. At Coinmeca we call our members “Mecanians” – Mecanians are the most valuable immaterial assets we have and we are in constant deliberation to figure out what best in value we can offer to our communities. We have set up moderator and each-tier system where all users have sufficient place to position themselves and find the roles they want to serve — of course, there comes reward structure when users contribute in our system. For multilingual communities, we have over 10,000 members and oftentimes they voluntarily serve the community. Once we find more reward structures aligned w/ interests of our members, they’ll put in more value-add services to our ecosystem.

Q5: What is your flagship project that makes investors confident and should invest in your project?

Polan: We are building a completely new DEX system that operates based on our independently built automated liquidity distribution algorithm. Our DEX is the core model and the first stage of our project. We are working hard on this core model, and we expect to be able to provide convenience to users by expanding to more diverse cryptocurrency services in the future through our DEX. Foremostly, we want to instill the best-in-class and state-of-art trading experiences for users so that they no longer need to worry about impermanent loss from trading: our suite of products offer the most user-friendly experience for all participants whether it’s simple trading, arbitrage, or NFT trades.

Q6: Where can we find out more about Coinmeca?

PolanYou may find all relevant information about us here:



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