Coinbase Expands Solana Infrastructure

Founder Yakovenko claims its now easier to build robust apps on Solana – Solana 2.0 feels more in sight than ever.

Coinbase Cloud has launched Solana Archival Nodes to empower Solana developers.

Developers can use the nodes platform to access blockchain services that enable them to build crypto products faster. In particular, these nodes can run complex queries and simulate the chain’s state at any given point in history, making it easier to build apps and services that connect to Solana.

Solana Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko took to Twitter to celebrate this new integration.

“Coinbase Cloud has collaborated closely with the Solana team to support the network as it is growing and scaling securely,” explained Coinbase’s team. “Now, we are expanding our Solana offerings to include our Solana Archival Nodes to empower developers interested in building on the blockchain.”

The Layer-1 is often criticized for suffering network outages. While the chain is still in beta, the good news is that it hasn’t been offline since June 1. The beta will end once proven to support large-scale NFT mints, while also reliably delivering DeFi transactions.

Meanwhile, developers can leverage a growing infrastructure to build their Web3 projects. And getting support from well-established platforms like Coinbase can be nothing but favorable for the next wave of dApps.

Source : web3wire

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