Campus Legends Partners with Solana Ventures

By Samir MouraniNFT

The partnership will bridge college sports and crypto and is expected to provide NFT/crypto access to over 200 million global fans.

Solana Ventures Enters the College Sports Scene

Campus Legends has announced a new investment from Solana Ventures that will serve as a bridge between a booming college sports scene and crypto.

The official announcement was made public by a Campus Legends press release on April 6. The terms of the deal are unknown at this time however the investment will see Campus Legends backed by the blockchain it operates on. 


“Solana’s ever-growing ecosystem of innovators is one of the most exciting things happening in crypto today,” says Christine Menedis, co-Founder and CEO of Campus Legends. “This partnership was a natural fit for us, as they share our vision of what an NFT-driven ownership economy can look like for sports fans and what we have in store together is truly game-changing.”

College sports is a booming industry, particularly in North America. Collectible items of athletes who go on to compete at the highest professional level are often valued and appraised at exorbitant rates but getting access to these items can be difficult at times. With an NFT platform, you no longer have to be physically present to acquire collectors items. Furthermore, athletes rarely, if ever, see any gains from their collectors items being traded on secondary markets. The NFT concept here could begin to provide more value to the athletes directly through some form of residual income. This could also allow athletes to capitalize on their success early on in their career as opposed to waiting until that big contract.

200 Million Fans

The partnership with Solana Ventures is expected to provide exposure to the Solana blockchain to approximately 200 million college sports fans globally.

“Campus legends is building the premier, fully licensed college athlete NFT platform,” says Matthew Beck, partner at Solana Ventures. “They’ve built a world-class team and are working with the biggest names in college sports to bring NFTs to the masses in a way that allows all college athletes to capitalize on their likeness and interact directly with their fans for the first time.”

Campus Legends was co-founded by a former college star athlete, Tim Tebow. Tebow is a two-time national champion, Heisman Trophy winner, first round NFL draft pick and former professional baseball player.

“Tim and the team at Campus Legends have an amazingly positive, community-loving energy that fits well into the Solana ecosystem,” said Raj Gokal, co-Founder of Solana. Gokal added, “Tim cares a lot about deepening the athlete and fan relationship, and he’s found the perfect venue to do so. I’m excited to see what his team accomplishes in the coming years.”

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