BoneWorld Brings Life to the Solana Twitter Spaces

Two members of the BoneWorld team explored the topics to show why the NFTs have become so popular.

BoneWorld Team Inspires Loveable Lore

The team at Boneworld stopped by the Solana News Twitter Spaces to hype their project and show the community what they are building. Rumor has it that something big could be landing on Dec. 1.

Two of the core team members, CEO Aleksey and David, of Growth and Strategy, talked all about the BoneWorld metaverse and the fun, exciting lore behind the popular NFT project on Solana. Andrew the DeFi Direct Growth Lead led mostly Aleksey through a series of questions that lured users into understanding the unique gamification available on this platform. 

“We tried to be creative when thinking of the different ideas behind staking. Here you can send your skellies to the resorts for rewards, almost like a vacation for your NFT,” said Aleksey. “The skellies can have different vacation experiences based on their characteristics. Some can have a relaxing time while others come back from being drunk the whole time!” 


The development of the story is becoming one of the most fun parts of the BoneWorld experience. As the story develops more characters and plot lines are beind created. From the spiders and the battles now underway between them and skellies, to the growth of the whole ecosystem collaboration with the Degen Ape DAO, BoneWorld is creating a flourishing platform to match the quality of their NFT artistry. 

The team on Twitter, Aleksey, and David, were keen to highlight to hard work of the main artist on the team Maria. The project has taken a keen dedication to are and helped it grow into something far beyond mere NFT jpegs. The project which caught the tail end of the SOL Summer ICO boom has seen much growth in just a few months. 

“I’m starting to see us more as an entertainment company than as collectibles or art,” admitted CEO Aleksey. 

Stay tuned to more from BoneWorld–seriously, the team teased something coming on December 1st! 

What is BoneWorld

Boneworld is a collection of 10,000 generative 3D Bone Avatars living as NFTs on the Solana blockchain with over 120+ traits across 5 categories. Each accessory presented in the collection was designed with care and love. Even the Common attributes had lots of attention put into them. 

Where to find BoneWorld:

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