AMA Recap with Community Drive NFT Project soAlien

Backed by very human elements of story and community, soAlien NFTs is ready for lift-off.

Unwritten SoAlien Story

The opportunity to drive and become a part of an NFT story is here. soAliens is a new NFT project set to mint and launch on Solana in the next two weeks. Mr. T and Fresh Prince from SoAliens joined Solana News host Andrew for a half-hour AMA through Twitter Spaces. 

The soAliens team, as confirmed in the AMA, is a small group of four spread out across the world. What started as a fun idea amongst NFT enthusiasts and friends has evolved into a fledging story about the extraterrestrials who live among us. 

Using a unique chapter sequence approach to the NFT creation, the team at soAlien wants active participation for its holders to help drive the project. Building NFTs with a developing story is a unique way for hodlers to immerse themselves into the project. 

“The story behind SoAliens is our biggest utility,” said Mr. T. “We are here not to build this project for our users, but with them.”


The SoAliens projects look to build not on utility but community and story. These two distinctly human features are helping make this alien project one to watch.

The NFTs themselves will incorporate a variety of human and non-human elements. Features will be taken from common conspiracy theories related to aliens to funny human characteristics. The development of the hometown of Alienville will also be noteworthy. 

“We are using alien elements that are from conspiracy theories here on Earth. There will also be human features, like smoking a joint,” laughed Mr. T. 

The public mint will go on sale on November 17, but head over to the team’s discord or Twitter to get your name down on the whitelist. Whitelisted members will get a 20% discount off the 0.6 SOL mint price (~133 USD at writing). Only 10,000 will be minted in total. 

The soAlien world is currently still in development, with much of the story still unwritten. With opportunities to participate in governance staking on the platform, users and holders will influence and direct the project’s storyline.

To learn more about soAlien, visit the following links:

Website | Twitter | Medium

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