A Look at Tiexo – Cryptonauts Academy

TIEXO is an all-in-one platform that makes NFTs easily accessible to newcomers while also being a sophisticated blockchain tool for veterans.

Introducing TIEXO

TIEXO is a cross-chain Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace and free NFT design tool that empowers creators to launch their NFT collections. The marketplace is built on the Solana blockchain, ensuring faster and cheaper transactions. 

Apart from its NFT marketplace, the platform is made up of other features such as the Artists Toolbox and the TIEXO Academy, among others. These products form an all-in-one platform, making NFTs accessible to newcomers while also being a sophisticated tool for veterans. 

The platform also comes with twelve unique NFT collections, each of which will consist of 10,000 NFTs. One of such collections is the Cryptonauts Academy NFTs, which is the first collection created using the Artists Toolbox. These NFTs, alongside the marketplace, will go live in early December 2021. 

The TIEXO Metaverse and Roadmap 

The TIEXO ecosystem comprises numerous products and features on the horizon to keep its community engaged in the long run. These features, including the NFT marketplace, provide use-cases for lovers and investors of the NFT space and creators at large. 

TIEXO NFT Marketplace: The Solana-based marketplace will support collections compatible with the Metaplex protocol, a strategic partner of Solana Labs, offering NFT minting and creation plus auctions. 

In the future, the NFT marketplace will be expanded using the Wormhole cross messaging protocol so that the TIEXO marketplace will support cross-chain swaps between Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Terra Money, Polygon, and Polkadot. The Ethereum network would be the first cross-chain connection executed by the platform. 

Flagship NFT Collections: TIEXO’s artists known as The Dozen have utilized the Artist’s Toolbox to create unique 2D/3D/voxel NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Holders of these exclusive NFTs will be rewarded with benefits. 

Artist’s Toolbox: This product will empower creators to design, generate, and launch their NFT projects on the TIEXO ecosystem. In essence, the Artist’s Toolbox is the protocol’s native Launchpad. 

TIEXO Academy: The TIEXO Academy is an initiative within the protocol’s ecosystem that provides knowledge to creators looking to launch their designs with the Artist’s Toolbox. 

Flagship Badges: Each Flagship NFT minted contains an Original Dozen Badge (ODB) which provides holders with massive benefits. They can also be traded—bought or sold. 

The benefits of owning an ODB include lower transaction fees, lifetime Flagship royalties, automatic recurrent airdrops, Flagship badge ownership, exclusive giveaway access, whitelist to future collections, TIEXO token generation, DAO governance rights, and marketplace incentive program. 

Mobile Application: The application will give users easy access to the TIEXO ecosystem via mobile. It will consist of the TIEXO marketplace, including staking and swapping services. 

NFT Swap: This feature would enable users to swap NFTs created with Metaplex. It works like trading comics or sports cards with friends. What’s more, NFT Swap will be cross-chain compatible with Wormhole. 

NFT Stake: Users will be able to stake their NFTs and badges on the TIEXO marketplace, available to both Flagship and future collections. Staking NFTs and badges will also give users governance rights. 

DAO Launch: The platform will be managed by the community. Through TIEXO’s governance tokens, users will be able to partake in the governance of the project. 

Cryptonauts Academy NFT Minting 

As stated earlier, Cryptonauts Academy NFTs are the first of twelve collections created using the Artist’s Toolbox. Each 10,000 Academy mint comes with two NFTs—a Cryptonaut (3D mutant NFT) and a Badge. 

The Badge gives holders mouthwatering benefits. The first badge benefit gained from holding a Cryptonaut Academy NFT is a 5%-50% transaction discount on the TIEXO marketplace. For instance, one badge is equivalent to a 5% transaction discount on the marketplace, two badges equal a 10% transaction discount, up to ten badges at a 50% discount rate. 

The Cryptonauts Academy NFT minting will launch in December alongside the TIEXO NFT marketplace. 

TIEXO Hosts Massive NFT Giveaway 

Ahead of the Cryptonauts Academy NFT and the TIEXO marketplace launch, the protocol has launched its first giveaway worth $120,000 plus over 1500 NFTs for 12 lucky community members. The protocol broke the news on November 18th through Twitter. 

“We are giving away an incredible $120,000 and more than 1500 NFTs to 12 members of the TIEXO community,” TIEXO tweeted

Each winner will receive $10,000, 60 NFTs (5 NFTs from each Flagship Collection), 60 Badge NFTs (5 Badges from each Flagship Collection), and one Super Badge. The giveaway has started and will run until the platform mints its last Flagship Collection. 



To participate, users have to contribute to the development of the TIEXO ecosystem. Each contribution converts into a substantial number of seats to get into the final “SUPER-GIVEAWAY” event. Below are numerous ways users can contribute to the TIEXO community: 

Note: Community members are entitled to a maximum number of 400 Seats. 

Final Thoughts 

TIEXO is building one of the strongest ecosystems on Solana. The platform will collaborate with artists to ensure that tools are developed to make NFTs easier and faster. The protocol’s generative design tools via the Artist Toolbox make it easy for users to mint NFTs easily. 

In conclusion, TIEXO is a place where art connects with technology. 

For more details about TIEXO NFTs and their marketplace, visit their media pages: 

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