ZachXBT: Solana-Based Meme Coins Garner $149 Million in Seven Days

ZachXBT: Solana-Based Meme Coins Garner $149 Million in Seven Days

Solana Prices Surge Amidst Meme Coin Frenzy

Solana prices are currently soaring, nearing an all-time high as speculators dive into the cryptocurrency market in search of the next potential meme coin play. According to ZachXBT, Solana (SOL) token presales have generated over $149.2 million since March 12, amidst a meme coin frenzy sweeping the altcoin ecosystem. Influencers and large accounts have collectively raised over 796,000 SOL for meme coin cryptocurrencies, often backed by hype with little to no utility.

The recent influx of presales has spurred users across the cryptocurrency landscape to buy SOL for investing in these tokens, a practice commonly referred to as “aping into coins.” SOL has experienced significant growth, surging by over 25% in the past week, at one point surpassing the $200 mark according to CoinMarketCap. At press time, SOL was trading around $182, approximately 26% below its November 2021 peak.

Solana Meme Projects Facing Challenges

ZachXBT’s analysis has revealed that not every meme coin project has successfully launched a token after receiving substantial investments in SOL. At least 16 presale meme coin creators either refunded users or vanished with the proceeds, a phenomenon known as a rug pull within the crypto industry.

One notable example is the NFT project Milady, which raised over $18 million in Solana’s coin before announcing a reversal of its proposed plan to capitalize on the ongoing SOL meme coin mania. The team has pledged to refund all presale investors and shift its focus to other endeavors.

Solana Labs Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko has urged the community to refrain from such practices, referring to the excessive deployment of SOL towards speculative virtual currencies inspired by crypto meme culture.

A Brief History of Meme Coins in Cryptocurrency

Meme coins have been a part of the cryptocurrency landscape since 2013, with the launch of Dogecoin (DOGE). Over the past decade, numerous animal-themed digital tokens have flooded the markets. Solana, in particular, has witnessed a resurgence of this trend, highlighted by the success of Dogwifhat (WIF). The project has evolved into a billion-dollar token, supported by a community that plans to promote the meme on Las Vegas’ sphere.

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