Worldline Launches on Solana, Providing a Global Payment Solution for Web3

Worldline Joins the Web3 Ecosystem

The Web3 ecosystem is rapidly growing with firms trying to secure their spot in this environment. In line with this development, Worldline, a leading global payment service platform, has launched a strategic initiative on the Solana blockchain to enable projects on Solana to access Worldline’s payment platform.

Bringing Global Payment Solution To Web3

The primary aim of the launch is to bring Web3 closer to global payment solutions. With Solana’s low gas cost and high throughput, Web3 projects integrated with Worldline will be automatically provided with route payments that offer lower fees and the highest conversion rate.

“One of the most pressing needs across Web3 is seamless on- and off-ramps. Gaming studios building on Solana need access to robust payment rails capable of supporting fiat-to-crypto transactions worldwide. Worldline’s solution provides end users a single pathway to paying with their preferred method,” says Johnny Lee, Head of Games at Solana Foundation.

Benefits of the Worldline Launch on Solana

The Worldline launch on Solana will allow several blockchain companies in need of a payment system to use the Worldline platform Payment Orchestration for direct access to Worldline’s more than 300 payment partners and payment methods, eliminating the need for multiple payment integrations.

Worldline Payment Orchestration is a single platform used to manage all payments regardless of the number of providers connected. The platform contains several payment features which include fiat and crypto payments integration, reporting and analytics for conversion rate, as well as smart payment routing.

“As Web3 develops, Worldline is dedicated to enabling merchants to ready themselves for a future based on blockchain technology,” says Babouschka van Bilsen, Head of Metaverse, Web3 & Crypto at Worldline’s Digital Commerce business line. “Working with Solana allows Worldline to support their goal to empower developers and accelerate the development of amazing new Web3 games. Solana developers now have the capabilities and tools that allow their blockchain games to build their payments strategy from the ground up,” Bilsen added.

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