Weekly Product Update: Sept 23, 2022

We had a jam-packed week of product launches, partnerships, and notable news-worthy mentions. Together with some incredible partners — Magic Eden, Blockasset, QuickNode & others — we’ve made history at least 3 times this week — even Business Insider & Fortune took notice!

Product Launches

Blockasset released a brand new NFT marketplace on their site, making it even easier for fans to buy an athlete’s verified NFT with a credit card! This is a great new way to get NFTs into the hands of non-Web3 native buyers.


Magic Eden debuted Magic Ethen, becoming the first-ever marketplace to aggregate collections from Solana & Ethereum! Ethereum NFTs can be purchased with ETH, or with SOL & credit cards powered by Crossmint! A launch many months in the making, we’re incredibly proud of our team & Magic Eden’s for paving the way to a cross-chain future.

QuickNode, a leading RPC provider for 15+ blockchains, launched their brand new Marketplace — and we’re proud to be among their launch partners. Our NFT Minting API is now available as a QuickNode add-on, allowing you to create and send NFTs to your users with a single line of code, even if they don’t have a crypto wallet.

We made our webhooks self-service! For the past several months our webhooks have been configured at a collection by collection basis. Starting today, they’re fully self service and apply by default to all the collections in your project.

UX Improvements:

Polished our developer console navigation experience!

Improved error messaging when users aren’t whitelisted

Added more descriptive error messaging to our Minting API

Notable Drops:

Banksy Radar Rats: A collection in which the collateral for each NFT is an authenticated Banksy art piece from the Banksy Walled-Off Hotel in Bethlehem, Palestine.

BenNFT by welterweight Boxing World Champion Conor Benn

DNAverse: The world’s first NFT art collection customized with real DNA data

NOMAD — The largest NFT community in the world for tattoo lovers, artists, and dreamers built by Ganga Tattoo.

Until next week!

With 💚 and ☕️, the Crossmint team

What is Crossmint?

Crossmint is the leading fiat on-ramp for NFTs, trusted by thousands of communities and creators. Anyone can mint an NFT in 1 minute using their email and credit card — no wallet or crypto required. By integrating credit card support, creators see an average of a 30–50% increase in total sales.

Add Crossmint to Your Own Drop

Register on our developer console here, read our developer docs, or reach out to [email protected] to get started. Come say hi!

Source : Solana Medium

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