Visa Introduces USDC Payments on Solana, Sparking High Demand for InQubeta’s Rapidly Selling Presale among Stablecoin Enthusiasts

Visa Introduces $USDC Payment on Solana

The global payments giant Visa has announced a new feature allowing its partners to settle cross-border transactions using USD Coin ($USDC), a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. The feature leverages the Solana ($SOL) blockchain, a high-performance network that cheaply processes thousands of transactions per second. This marks a significant milestone for adopting stablecoins and blockchain technology in the payments industry.

InQubeta’s $QUBE Presale and Its Impact

At the same time, the InQubeta ($QUBE) presale has been a massive success in attracting investors, with stablecoin holders flocking to its presale platform. The presale allows investors to join the $QUBE platform to bridge the gap between investors and AI startups. With its staking platform and deflationary mechanism, InQubeta stands as the best crypto to buy in the AI sector.

InQubeta’s $QUBE Presale: Revolutionizes the Crypto AI Industry with its NFT marketplace

InQubeta, the world’s pioneering crypto crowdfunding platform, has been making significant waves in the market with its fast-selling presale of $QUBE tokens. Stablecoin holders are flocking to the platform, recognizing the unprecedented potential it offers in the crypto AI revolution. As Visa launches $USDC payments on Solana, InQubeta continues revolutionizing the AI industry as the best crypto investment platform for maximum returns.

  • The InQubeta presale has raised over $2.9 million, positioning it firmly at the forefront as the best crypto to buy in the crypto AI investment space.
  • Its native token, $QUBE, is currently in its fourth stage and priced at $0.0133.
  • Early adopters can buy the token before its official launch, which is expected to reach a minimum value of $0.0308 on major exchanges.

The $QUBE presale comprises ten stages, each providing a unique chance for investors to secure their stake in the InQubeta ecosystem. Hacken and Block Audit verifications reinforce the platform’s credibility, ensuring a secure investment environment. With over 340 million tokens sold, InQubeta has become the go-to choice for savvy traders seeking the best crypto investment in 2023.

What sets the $QUBE presale apart are its distinctive features. InQubeta’s trending NFT marketplace offers a unique opportunity for AI startups to raise funds through reward and equity-based NFTs. $QUBE token holders can easily invest in these projects, fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

With its deflationary ERC20 token model, $QUBE provides a unique investment avenue for crypto enthusiasts. A 2% buy and sell tax contributes to a burning wallet, while a 5% buy and sell tax feeds a dedicated reward pool. This setup allows $QUBE holders to earn rewards through staking, making it an attractive choice for those bullish on AI technology startups’ growth potential.

The $QUBE token acts as a governance token, granting holders the power to actively participate in platform decision-making. The governance feature, growing investor interest, and startup involvement are expected to drive up $QUBE’s value over time, offering both price appreciation and rewards from the dedicated pool to token holders.

Solana ($SOL): Paving the Way for Web3 Finance as Visa Embraces $USDC

Solana, a high-performance blockchain platform, aims to provide Web3 infrastructure for everyone. It asserts itself as the blockchain with the highest speed globally, capable of handling thousands of transactions per second and having an average block time of 400 milliseconds. $SOL also boasts low fees, high security, and scalability, making it suitable for various applications such as decentralized finance, gaming, social media, identity, and more.

Visa, the global payment processor, has introduced compatibility for $USDC payments settled on the Solana blockchain, marking the expansion of its stablecoin services. Including USD Coin issued on Ethereum and $SOL into Visa’s ecosystem allows for using Visa’s treasury and settlement infrastructure to bridge the gap between traditional finance and Web3.


InQubeta’s unique approach to AI startup investment and its trending NFT marketplace make it a promising player in the crypto space. As Visa launches $USDC on Solana, $QUBE continues to draw in stablecoin holders and investors looking for innovation and growth in 2023.

To join this exciting project, visit the website, create an account, or connect your wallet to buy tokens using $ETH, $BTC, or $USDT. After the presale, you’ll receive additional tokens, enhancing your investment.

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