Viral Inu, The First Token In The Viraverse, Introduces The Viral Protocol.

The Viraverse Network’s initial token will be the Viral Inu Token. A Solana project that introduces the Viral Protocol. This protocol enables token producers to create Viraverse gateways where token holders may receive incentives for community development through a series of actions.

What is the Viraverse

Viraverse is a platform that allows token makers to reward holders for contributing to the community. Viraverse was created to address the issue of poor community awareness that plagues many token initiatives. Those projects have a hard time scaling up and garnering community awareness. At the end of the day, regardless of the technology or philosophy behind a coin, it is difficult to develop without a robust community.

The Viraverse promotes the notion of crowd-marketing, in which members of communities collaborate to advertise and raise awareness for a project. Users are compensated with their native token in exchange. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Viral Inu

What is Viral Inu

Viral Inu (VINU) is the first completely community-driven meme coin. The main utility behind this token is to showcase the viral protocol from the viraverse. Being the first token to integrate the viral protocol, Viral inu will be able to reward holders for community building actions. Along with that, viral inu also is creating an ecosystem of addictive P2E games and a trust NFT marketplace. 

Viral protocol

Viral Protocol is being implemented by Viraverse, which allows token communities to grow by harnessing crowd-marketing.

Token makers may put up a Viraverse gateway for their communities and earn by sharing and interacting. Token holders are rewarded for spreading awareness, onboarding new holders, creating new content, and sharing on social media.

Proof-of-Stake: Validators stake the VIRAL token in order to validate actions on the Viraverse Network. Participants must also stake VIRAL tokens in order to use the network.

How the Viral Protocol works

Token developers may now use crowdfunding to help publicize their ideas and attract new investors using Viral Protocol.

The following actions were taken:

Increasing the likelihood of website visitors becoming holders by driving traffic to landing pages.

Recruiting new holders by enticing them with lucrative monetary prizes.

To build awareness and create online interaction with audiences, develop content and share it on social media sites.

Viral Inu

A solution for token creators and their communities

Token makers will be able to apply the unique Viral Protocol after they have gained access to the Viraverse. By adopting the Viral Protocol, token creators will be able to crowdfund their projects and communities.

Holders of the token are rewarded for raising awareness, onboarding new holders, creating new content, or sharing on social media through the Token creator’s portal on the Viraverse.

Token holders may utilize their unique referral link to drive visitors to awareness campaigns and to invite other token holders to join the community.

Token holders can contribute personalized material to their communities’ content center, which might be useful to others. Memes, how-to videos, awareness videos, innovative advertisements, and more are just a few examples.

Token holders are rewarded because every time an activity is confirmed, they receive incentives in their community token. The benefits originate from a share pool that token owners secure with a Solana contract that airdrops rewards anytime an activity is approved.

Security – Viraverse validators stake $VIRAL token to validate all operations on the platform. Validators may be trusted since they are in charge of each other. Validators are compensated for spotting network bad actors. If a bad actor is discovered, their staked prizes are forfeited.

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