Tradecurve Emerges as a Safe Haven Amidst High Volatility Impacting Solana and Cardano

Crypto Enthusiasts Excited About Tradecurve (TCRV) Presale Launch

Crypto enthusiasts are buoyed by the presale launch of Tradecurve (TCRV). This new project has become a sensation in the market due to its uniqueness and enormous growth potential. Experts have opined that it will enter the league of market kings very soon, as there is a massive demand for this project. On the other hand, long-standing projects like Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) are continuously losing their investors and falling into a bearish trap.

Solana’s (SOL) Developer Count Increases but TVL Falls

The Solana (SOL) network has posted some positive growth numbers in recent weeks, providing comfort to its community. As per the latest data from Artemis, the number of new contracts deployed on the Solana network has reached a year-to-date high.

Experts believe this increase indicates that developers are taking an interest in building dApps on the Solana network. However, there are some red flags too, which have made Solana investors worried. The on-chain data shows that the total value locked (TVL) of Solana has plummeted over the last few weeks.

Subsequently, the trading price of Solana has also suffered a blow of 12% on the monthly chart. Now, Solana can be traded at $16.98.

Cardano (ADA) Gets Labeled as a Tradable Asset in Indonesia

After suffering a significant loss in market share, Cardano (ADA) is expanding its presence in other countries. In recent weeks, two exchanges – Robinhood and Bakkt – have delisted Cardano following the SEC’s lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase, wherein the regulator described ADA as a security.

However, the Cardano community has received a ray of hope in Indonesia. Reportedly, the Indonesian government has labeled Cardano as a tradable asset. This will help Cardano operate its business in Indonesia without worrying much about regulatory scrutiny.

But this development has failed to provide any push to the price of Cardano. The current market value of Cardano is $0.29, after witnessing a drop of 19% in the past month.

Tradecurve Presale Advances Toward Stable 50x Gains

More than 30 cryptocurrencies enter the market every week. This, in turn, has increased the volume of crypto trading, and the market size of exchanges. However, investors have long been asking for a new crypto exchange that can help them trade privately, at a low cost, and diversify portfolios.

Tradecurve (TCRV) has launched a novel exchange to meet this popular demand. It provides traders with multiple investment options, absolute privacy, and low transaction fees. The platform enables traders to invest in different market segments, such as equity, forex, cryptocurrency, CFDs, and more, with a single account. Also, the platform users will be given complete control of their assets and private keys.

  • Moreover, this cross-chain exchange does not mandate traders to undergo any KYC procedures, as opposed to existing platforms that force their users to submit sensitive details before starting to trade.
  • Besides, Tradecurve will offer high-leverage trading starting from 500:1, and a VIP account service.
  • Additionally, it boasts features like distributed liquidity and non-custodial storage.

The exchange will be driven by TCRV tokens that are built on Ethereum. The presale round of tokens is currently progressing through the fourth stage, and a TCRV is available to purchase at $0.025. Experts believe that TCRV tokens will register 50x gains during the presale, and 100x returns after their launch on leading exchanges.

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