Top 5 Solana NFT Ventures Poised for Generating Passive Income


Aurory stands out as a premier NFT project built on the Solana Blockchain. Launched in April 2022, this collection comprises 9,982 distinct items and falls under the category of Profile Picture NFTs (PFPs). The collection features two main types: Aurorian and Helio. These items can be personalized with various attributes such as skin tones, hats, hair, clothing, mouth, and backgrounds. The total volume of Aurory NFTs amounts to 460.7K SOL, with a floor price of 21.99 SOL. The collection boasts approximately 3,315 owners, of which 31% are unique owners. Aurory NFTs are currently available at an attractive offer of 20.3301 SOL.

Taiyo Robotics

Taiyo Robotics, another prominent name on this list, was introduced in April 2022 and also falls under the PFPs category. The collection features 2,111 unique genesis robots that can be customized with different backgrounds, heads, energy sources, and breastplates. The total volume of Taiyo Robotics NFTs stands at 406.8K SOL, with a current floor price of 50.75 SOL. With around 899 owners, 43% of them are unique owners. These NFTs are available at a competitive best offer price of 45.5 SOL.

Hotel de Mentía: The Invitation

Hotel de Mentía: The Invitation is yet another noteworthy addition to this collection, poised to make a significant impact on the NFT landscape. This collection consists of around 1,237 unique items that run on the Solana platform, falling under the PFP category. Created in June 2022, these items feature various distinctive traits. The total volume of the collection is valued at 304.37 SOL, with a floor price of 0.25 SOL. The collection is currently held by approximately 271 owners, 20% of whom are unique owners. A tempting best offer of 0.06 SOL is available for these items.

Degenerate Ape Academy

Degenerate Ape Academy is a widely recognized NFT collection that operates on the Solana blockchain. Created in April 2022 and also categorized as a PFP, this collection features 9,713 uniquely designed “smoothest-brained apes.” The current floor price for the collection is 28.65 SOL, with a total volume amounting to 1.9 million SOL. With approximately 4,218 owners, 40% of them are unique owners. These sought-after NFTs are currently available at a competitive rate of 28.1 SOL.

Solana Monkey Business (SMB)

SMB NFTs represent another notable addition in the PFP category of NFT collections to explore in 2023. This project was established in April 2022 and features 4,837 unique Solana Monkeys, each developed with 24×24 generation pixels. The collection is held by approximately 2,740 owners, with 57% of them being unique owners. The total volume of this collection is an impressive 2.1 million SOL, with a floor price of 99.7 SOL. SMB NFTs are available at an attractive best offer price of 86.447 SOL.


In summary, Degenerate Ape Academy, SMB, Taiyo Robotics, Hotel de Mentía: The Invitation, and Aurory stand as some of the most promising and enticing NFT collections to explore in 2023 within the Solana blockchain ecosystem. These collections offer ample opportunities for generating passive income while capitalizing on the growing NFT market.

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