The Hideaways (HDWY) Attracts Investors As Solana (SOL) And Bitcoin (BTC) Crash

The crash of the crypto market since mid-2021 has affected most coins especially the top crypto by market cap such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL). 

Recent Bitcoin news and Solana news has been negative and Bitcoin and Solana price predictions see the BTC price and SOL price suffering in 2023 and 2025.

The Hideaways has been gathering huge attention from investors who see the $45m market cap as the perfect entry point into a project that leading crypto experts have labelled as having the potential to become as big as Bitcoin by 2025. 

Solana (SOL) Crashes Again

Early this year, Solana (SOL) was announced to have been cyberattacked. The Solana (SOL) blockchain was attacked and the vulnerability and instability caused the blockchain to lose investor confidence.

As of this time, Solana dipped from a weekly high of $34.86 down to $31.20 and Solana (SOL) has been dropping ever since. 

The SOL price is not recovering and Solana news has been negative following the security breaches. Solana (SOL) investors are looking at Solana news that indicates the Solana (SOL) price will keep dropping in 2023.

After so many Solana (SOL) security breaches, this is not surprising and Solana (SOL) investors are selling their SOL holdings in favor of other crypto projects that are more secure. 

Bitcoin (BTC) Shows Little Signs of BTC Price Rising

Bitcoin, which is the first and largest cryptocurrency in the world often referred to as the King of the Crypto market, has seen the BTC price decline throughout 2022.

The BTC price dropped from its all-time high last year at $69,020.00 to its current price of below $19,000. Bitcoin is a huge project that is coming under threat because it is struggling to offer gains to investors.

With such a large market cap, Bitcoin (BTC) will always struggle to deliver the gains that it is famous for.

The Bitcoin (BTC) hype was justified initially as investors into Bitcoin after it just launched were made into millionaires thanks to their Bitcoin (BTC) investment.

These Bitcoin (BTC) investors took a risk in an early project and this paid off with the biggest gains ever seen in the crypto industry. 

The Hideaways Low Market Cap Attracts Investors

The Hideaways ($HDWY) only launched in September but has already become an investor favorite thanks to industry experts comparing the currency to an early Bitcoin.

The market cap of the project is just $45m and investors have been given great news by analysts and experts predicting that the currency will increase to over $900m in 2023 and keep on growing to a potential $5bn market cap in 2025.

Best crypto investment for 2025? This looks to be a winning choice. Why? Let’s look:

The Hideaways has been given a secure investment confirmation by Solidproof after they audited the project code

Liquidity in the project will be permanently locked

Team tokens will be locked for 2 years – liquidity locks and team token locks prevent any rug pull

Investors can purchase shares of NFTs that are backed by million dollar properties hand picked by experts to provide high yields

Staking rewards boost passive income to 90% per year

$45m market cap set to increase to $900m in 2023

HDWY token price only $0.045 currently but will increase to $0.06 on Sunday

Boosted bonus of 50% on all purchases on Sunday

All purchases before Sunday get an entry into a $10,000 prize draw

It’s a great time to invest in a project that is still brand new and is quickly becoming a crypto industry favorite. There’s great potential and we think this investment could make you rich in 2023..

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Source : cryptodaily

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