Solfare Joins Forces with DLN to Elevate the Solana Experience on MetaMask

Solfare and DLN Collaborate for an Enhanced Solana Experience

In a pioneering move, Solfare, renowned for its Solana-centric wallet, has collaborated with DLN’s avant-garde cross-chain trading mechanism. This initiative ensures rapid, direct cross-chain transactions between Solana and MetaMask, offering users an enhanced experience.

MetaMask Welcomes Solana’s Universe

MetaMask’s vast community, which is several millions strong, now has an expanded horizon. This collaboration enables its users to effortlessly manage and engage with SOL, SPL tokens, NFTs, and Solana’s diverse dApps directly through their trusted MetaMask interface.

DLN’s Breakthrough in Cross-chain Exchange

The core of DLN’s approach lies in its distinct liquidity system which, when integrated with deBridge’s versatile messaging, offers an unparalleled performance edge. The result? Users can bypass the typical pitfalls, security concerns, and slowdowns tied to conventional bridge systems.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Solfare’s Co-founder, Vidor Gencel, remarked:

“Opting for deBridge was a conscious choice. It offers the swiftest, most intuitive chain-bridging experience. The average user is often intimidated by the intricate nature of bridges; however, deBridge transforms every bridge operation into a straightforward swap.”

DLN’s integration of an off-chain order book, coupled with aligning demand to private market maker liquidity, provides a plethora of benefits for dApps, protocols, and end users aspiring for efficient cross-chain value movement. These benefits encompass:

  • Lightning-fast transactions
  • Shielding from MEV & AMM slippage with assured rates
  • Enhanced capital productivity
  • Zero risks of jammed or reverted operations

Easy Transition for MetaMask Enthusiasts

MetaMask aficionados can instantly dive into this novel experience. By connecting their wallet to any Solana application or directly through, users can transition or exchange their assets from EVM-chains to Solana in a swift 30 seconds. Venturing into Solana’s bustling ecosystem, which boasts an array of promising DeFi to NFT projects, is now a breeze.

A Note to MetaMask Users

For those eager to immerse in the Solana experience via MetaMask, updating the MetaMask extension to its latest version is crucial.

Upcoming Solana-centric Campaign

The horizon looks bright with an upcoming Solana-focused campaign set to launch soon. This initiative, crafted in partnership with Solfare, is geared towards bolstering awareness and intrigue for this fresh feature. As an icing on the cake, the first week of the campaign promises SOL rebates for fees up to a whopping $15k. With a first-come-first-serve approach, the anticipation surrounding the potential boost in Solana’s ecosystem activity is palpable.

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