SolendProtocol’s Integration with SUI Marks a Significant Milestone, Extending Beyond the Solana Ecosystem

SuilendProtocol Integration with Sui

SuilendProtocol, also known as SolendProtocol on Solana, has achieved a significant milestone by integrating with the Sui blockchain. This marks a pivotal moment for Solend, the largest lending and borrowing protocol on Solana, as it expands its services beyond its native platform for the first time. The expansion reflects the company’s ambition to explore new territories and broaden its influence in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

The integration with Sui represents a strategic move for the company, opening up opportunities to reach a wider audience and diversify its offerings. For Sui, the collaboration brings the expertise of a leading DeFi protocol into its ecosystem, enhancing its appeal and potential for growth. The partnership between SuilendProtocol and Sui is set to bring innovative solutions and opportunities to users and developers in the DeFi space.

SolendProtocol’s Expansion to Sui

The integration of SuilendProtocol with Sui signifies a major milestone in the DeFi sector, marking SolendProtocol’s first expansion beyond Solana. The strategic move highlights SolendProtocol’s commitment to exploring new opportunities and broadening its reach in the evolving blockchain ecosystem. By integrating with Sui, Solend not only extends its DeFi capabilities but also embraces the dynamic potential of blockchain technology, paving the way for innovative growth in financial services.

The integration of SuilendProtocol with Sui marks a strategic move for Solend, showcasing its ambition to reach a wider DeFi audience and explore new markets. The collaboration allows both Solend and Sui to leverage each other’s strengths, offering Solend access to new user bases and Sui enhanced value from a renowned protocol. The partnership signifies a major step towards a more interconnected and dynamic DeFi ecosystem, poised to offer innovative and accessible solutions globally.

Solend has established itself as a major player in the Solana ecosystem, boasting over $150 million in Total Value Locked (TVL) across more than 170,000 users. The impressive user base indicates the protocol’s popularity and the trust it has garnered within the Solana community. The platform’s support for over 70 assets and its 20+ developer integrations further underscore its status as one of Solana’s most prominent platforms for DeFi development.

The Significance of Solend’s Integration with Sui

The move to integrate with Sui opens up new possibilities for SolendProtocol and its users. By expanding to another blockchain, Solend is not only diversifying its offerings but also tapping into a new user base and a different set of opportunities within the DeFi landscape. The integration is expected to enhance the protocol’s capabilities, offering its users more options for lending, borrowing, and interacting with a wider range of digital assets.

For Sui, welcoming a protocol of Solend’s caliber is a significant achievement. It highlights Sui’s growing importance and potential in the blockchain space, attracting established players from other ecosystems. The integration is likely to bring more attention to Sui, potentially leading to more collaborations and integrations in the future.


Integrating SolendProtocol with Sui marks a new chapter in Solend’s journey as it expands its presence beyond the Solana blockchain. The development is a clear indication of Solend’s commitment to growth and innovation in the DeFi space. As Solend explores new opportunities on Sui, it sets the stage for further expansion and collaboration within the broader blockchain ecosystem. The integration is not just a milestone for Solend and Sui but also a significant event for the DeFi community, signaling the increasing interconnectedness and dynamism of the blockchain world.

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