Solana’s Price Bounces Back After FTX’s Latest Strategic Move

FTX Trustee’s Staking Activity

The FTX trustee recently staked a substantial amount of SOL tokens, totaling 5.5 million, with an estimated value of $122 million. This significant move was observed from one of the primary wallet addresses on the Solana blockchain, controlled by the FTX trustee. The information was verified using Solana block explorer SolanaFM.

Market Performance

Despite a brief recovery, SOL has experienced a 5.13% decrease in the last 7 days. At the time of writing, SOL is trading at $22.01, reflecting a 2.03% increase in the last 24 hours according to data from CMC. Additionally, the trading volume has surged by 21.60%.

SOL Token Concerns Alleviated

Prior to this staking activity, there were concerns among SOL investors regarding the potential impact of the FTX trustee’s actions on the altcoin’s price. Worries about a significant drop in SOL’s value were prevalent. However, these concerns were put to rest following the FTX trustee’s recent steps regarding the SOL tokens.

Solana Foundation’s Bug Bounty Initiative

The Solana Foundation has introduced a bug bounty initiative, offering a substantial $400,000 reward to anyone capable of halting the Solana network. This incentive was disclosed by Jacob Creech, the Developer Relations Lead at the Solana Foundation. The initiative aims to enhance the security and stability of the Solana network.

Price Analysis and Predictions

If the SOL price surpasses the $22.36 resistance level, a fresh rally is anticipated. Conversely, if bears take control and push prices below $21.78, the market may test the recent support level at $21.07. Breaching this support level could potentially lead to a further decrease in SOL’s price, possibly reaching the $20.3 mark.


In conclusion, the recent staking activity by the FTX trustee and the initiatives introduced by the Solana Foundation have significantly influenced the SOL market. Investors continue to monitor these developments closely as they anticipate the future movements of the SOL token.

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