Solana’s Premier NFT Venture Surges by 122% in One Week

Mad Lads Emerges as Leading Solana NFT Project

Mad Lads has recently skyrocketed to become the top Solana NFT project, surpassing DeGods on Ethereum based on floor price. The surge is noteworthy, especially given Solana’s recent price pump, doubling in value over the past month and reaching an 18-month high.

The network’s premier NFT project, Mad Lads, has experienced a remarkable increase in value, with a price surge of over 100% in the last seven days alone.

Rapid Rise in Mad Lads’ Floor Price

Mad Lads, a Solana profile picture (PFP) project launched earlier this year, has seen its floor price climb by an impressive 122% in the past week, reaching 100 SOL, approximately $5,750 at the current market value. This surge has propelled Mad Lads to the top spot in Solana collections by floor price, with a market cap exceeding $57 million.

Mad Lads vs. DeGods

In a significant development, Mad Lads’ floor price briefly surpassed that of DeGods, once the reigning Solana project before its migration to Ethereum earlier this year. This momentary triumph holds particular significance for loyal Solana backers who weathered a challenging period for SOL and the ecosystem, possibly fueled by sentiments regarding DeGods’ departure.

However, DeGods has reclaimed its top position with a current floor price of 3.15 ETH, approximately $6,200 according to NFT Price Floor.

Insights from Mad Lads’ Creator

Armani Ferrante, co-founder and CEO of Mad Lads creator Coral, expressed that Solana’s NFT space needed a “new heartbeat” after DeGods’ departure. Ferrante believes that Mad Lads has successfully filled that void, gaining momentum following its buzzy launch.

Mad Lads’ Trading Volume and Exclusive Access

Mad Lads has achieved the third-highest trading volume among NFT projects over the last week, totaling about $6.9 million, as per CryptoSlam data. Only the Bored Ape Yacht Club ($10.2 million) and CryptoPunks ($8 million), both Ethereum projects, have higher trading volumes during this period. DeGods accumulated nearly $1.4 million in trading volume.

Mad Lads’ rise is attributed to the excitement surrounding Solana’s recent momentum surge and the demand from buyers aiming to be part of its top NFT collection. Additionally, Coral offered exclusive early access to its upcoming Backpack exchange, which secured a license to operate in Dubai.

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