Solana Validator Health Report Indicates Positive Progress in Node Count, Nakamoto Coefficient, and Distribution

1. Network Growth and Evolution

According to the recently released Solana Validator Health Report, the Solana validator network continues to experience significant growth. This growth is measured through key metrics including node count, Nakamoto Coefficient, and node distribution and diversity.

2. Rapid Progress as a Multi-Client Network

There has been remarkable progress in Solana’s evolution as a multi-client network. Currently, over 31% of stake runs through the Jito Labs client, marking a substantial increase from 0% just a year ago. Additionally, two more validator clients are in active development.

3. Implementation of Software Upgrade Practices

Following a performance degradation in February 2023, Solana has implemented multiple new practices in software upgrade procedures. Since then, the network has achieved an impressive 100% uptime, showcasing its resilience and reliability.

4. Solana’s Position in the Network Landscape

The Solana network stands out as one of the largest proof-of-stake networks in terms of node count. Moreover, it is highly distributed, a fact supported by its Nakamoto Coefficient and validator software client diversity, as highlighted in the report.

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