Solana Surges in Popularity, Becoming Investors’ Favorite Altcoin

Investor Interest in Solana

CoinShares, a Europe-based cryptocurrency management platform, revealed in its Monday report that investors have been withdrawing significantly from their crypto investment products in the past seven weeks. However, the reports indicate that institutional investors have been pouring money into Solana, the tenth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, for the past nine weeks. CoinShares stated that $700,000 was invested in SOL through cryptocurrency investment providers last week, making it the “most loved altcoin among investors” at the moment.

Investments in SOL have reached $26 million since the beginning of the year. In contrast, investors withdrew $8.6 million from Polygon investment products and $3.2 million from Ethereum last week. Investors also invested $3.8 million in Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, and withdrew from short Bitcoin products for the 19th consecutive week.

Potential Effects on SOL

The report highlighted that last week’s trading volumes were “significantly above average,” totaling $2.8 billion. SOL is the asset used to transact on Solana, a decentralized blockchain that allows developers to create decentralized applications ranging from games to decentralized finance lending protocols.

Furthermore, the token has gained significant attention recently. Rune Christensen, the founder and CEO of MakerDAO, also suggested launching the project’s new chain on a Solana-based platform. Speculation has arisen that SOL, the native token of the network, could potentially experience increased gains in the coming months if interest in the cryptocurrency continues to grow.


In conclusion, while some altcoins may be losing favor among investors, Solana (SOL) stands out as the exception. With institutional investment pouring in and increasing attention from the crypto community, Solana’s future looks promising.

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