Solana (SOL) Gears Up for an Upsurge While Bittensor (TAO) Sustains its Climb

Solana (SOL) Gearing Up for a Breakout

Solana (SOL) and Bittensor (TAO) are playing starring roles in this crypto bull market. $SOL looks to be gathering itself for a break higher while $TAO is not letting up in its recent surge towards a new all-time-high.

Everything appears to be rolling along nicely into what could be phase two of the crypto bull market. Bitcoin looks to be attempting to break through the $38,000 resistance once and for all, and the rest of the crypto market is also looking strong.

Total3 Turns Resistance Into Support

Total3 (all cryptocurrencies except bitcoin and ethereum) is at a pivotal point right now. The price has hopefully turned resistance into support at $407 billion, and now just needs to break out of the bull flag to send altcoins on their way.

Solana Breakout Is Nigh

Solana has confirmed support at $59 and is looking to make its own breakout towards a new local high above $68. Since its big rise during October and into November, the price has been accumulating as it has traversed sideways. Now, sat inside a triangle, $SOL is perhaps ready to go again.

$TAO About To Make New High?

$TAO is the growth altcoin currently stealing the show. Still with a market cap of less than $2 billion $TAO is continuing its meteoric rise and now stands at #40 for its CoinGecko crypto ranking.

As long as $TAO avoids a retrace from this potential double top and holds above, there could be a whole lot more to come from this decentralized machine learning network.

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