Solana Records 27 Consecutive Weeks of Investment Inflows, According to CoinShares Report

1. Solana Emerges as the Most-Loved Altcoin

Institutions are showing significant interest in Solana, as revealed by CoinShares’ recent crypto fund report, even amidst a relatively flat market in the crypto space. According to James Butterfill, head of research for CoinShares, there was minimal activity in the altcoin space, with one exception: Solana.

Solana has had a remarkable 2023, witnessing 27 weeks of inflows compared to just four weeks of selloffs. Notably, in the past seven days alone, institutions have invested $5 million in this asset. Butterfill attributes Solana’s success to its strategic partnerships with financial institutions, including the payments giant Visa, combined with its ability to offer ultrafast and cost-effective payment solutions. Despite having fewer users and developers compared to Ethereum, Solana has managed to capture the favor of investors, making it the most-loved altcoin this year.

2. Bitcoin’s Reversal and Institutional Interest

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has reversed its bearish trend, experiencing a positive institutional green week. Over the past several days, Bitcoin has seen $20.4 million in inflows, driven by various factors, including the recent government funding impasse in Washington D.C. According to Butterfill, the timing of these inflows is closely linked to the rise of the 10-year government bond.

However, despite this positive momentum, trading volumes for Bitcoin remain relatively low, averaging $3 billion daily, a significant drop from last year’s $11 billion. This decrease in volume levels has taken the market back to 2020 levels.

Notably, there are regional disparities among large entities. The U.S. experienced outflows worth $19 million, whereas Canada recorded $17 million in buying pressure. In Europe, there were inflows worth $23 million.

3. Ethereum’s Struggles Continue

Contrary to Solana’s success and Bitcoin’s recovery, Ethereum continues to face challenges, living up to its “least-loved altcoin” label for the year. Ethereum witnessed outflows worth $1.5 million, marking seven consecutive weeks of selling and totaling $114 million offloaded over the year.


In summary, Solana has emerged as the standout performer in the crypto market, garnering significant institutional interest due to its strategic partnerships and efficient payment solutions. While Bitcoin has experienced a positive turnaround, Ethereum struggles to maintain investor confidence. The crypto market continues to be influenced by various factors, including government policies and investor sentiment.

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