Solana Hard Fork Rumors: Developers Deny and Speak Out!

Rumor Hard Fork Solana

Rumors of a hard fork in Solana have spread widely and become a hot topic of discussion in the crypto community. This information first emerged on several discussion forums and social media, suggesting that the hard fork was meant to improve the platform’s efficiency.

Despite the widespread discussion, there has been no official confirmation from Solana until developers finally provided a surprising explanation.

Statement from Solana Developers

Responding to the circulating rumors, Solana developers firmly denied the news of a hard fork. In their statement, they claimed that there are no plans for a hard fork in the near future.

“I work on the largest Solana project, with more than 10 developers, and none of them discuss a hard fork,” said Matías Kudelski, a cybersecurity researcher who audited Solana’s code and works on the Metaverse Star Atlas game.

They reassured the community that these rumors emerged due to misunderstandings within the community and various speculations. They emphasized that Solana always strives to improve its platform without the need for a hard fork and promised to continue delivering the best performance.

Impact on the Crypto Community

According to Decrypt, this denial certainly brings relief to the crypto community, especially for Solana users and investors. They hope that Solana will continue to bring innovation and improvements to its platform without the need for a hard fork.

Although hard forks can bring some positive changes, they often bring uncertainty and volatility to the market. With this denial, it is expected that stability and investor confidence will remain intact.

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