Solana Founder Cautions Against the “ETH Killer” Narrative

Solana Founder Anatoly Yakovenko Warns Against “ETH Killer” Narrative

Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko has cautioned against certain community claims that perpetuate the Ethereum-killer narrative. He made a post on the X app, warning the public about sparking a cold war between Ethereum (ETH) and other protocols, including Solana (SOL), commonly referred to as ‘ETH Killers.’

SOL and ETH Can Co-Exist

In Yakovenko’s opinion, pushing narratives against Ethereum is detrimental to the ecosystem. He suggested that protocols could coexist without challenges or threats of killing each other.

“Pareto efficient technologies can have overlapping features and will compete, but that’s all okay. I don’t see a future where Solana thrives and somehow ETH dies,” the Solana co-founder said.

Furthermore, Anatoly expressed positivity in a future where “Danksharding,” a technology that allows blockchain technology to add cheaper blocks, will have enough bandwidth to accommodate all of Solana’s data. Danksharding is an Ethereum rollup scaling method where transactional throughput is expanded through the provision of additional storage space for roll-up transactions.

Yakovenko’s statement on Ethereum underscores the fact that SOL and ETH can coexist and even overlap without any inconveniences.

Solana Founder Douses ETH Rivalry Push

Despite the growing industry eulogy for Solana, Yakovenko has warned the community members against instigating unhealthy rivalry with the Ethereum protocol. This caution came when MakerDAO Co-founder and CEO Rune Christensen announced plans to fork the protocol’s NewChain on the Solana blockchain, away from Ethereum.

Yakovenko immediately pointed out that it was a general win for open source. “I really hope that people in the Solana community don’t use this as some cudgel to attack Ethereum,” he said at the time.

In October, one Ethereum community member identified as jebus.eth tried to take a jab at Solana by referring to it as a “Coalition of poors and wealthy people who don’t understand where value actually comes from or how to create it, just that the things I want should be cheap.”

However, the Solana co-founder was quick to respond, emphasizing that his protocol is a pursuit of an entirely stateless digital realm, where unhindered communication and transactions flow freely among the people, liberated from the control of capitalist middlemen and government surveillance.

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