Solana Boosts Network Capabilities with Integration of ChatGPT – A Revolutionary Move in AI Technology

Solana Network Users Can Connect via Open-Source Plugin on ChatGPT

Solana Labs is a blockchain firm that is now focusing on Artificial Intelligence. On April 25, 2023, the company announced that it would offer $1 million in funding for projects that create AI tools on Solana. One of the new features that Solana Labs has implemented is an open-source plugin that allows users of the Solana network to connect via ChatGPT, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence chatbot. This article explores this development further.

New ChatGPT Plugin for Solana Network

The new ChatGPT plugin for the Solana network was created to give customers more control over the data associated with their accounts. The plugin function by receiving information from internet sources and communicating with websites that are not affiliated with ChatGPT to reply to instructions that users have issued. This functionality is now available to all users, which means that ChatGPT users can:

  • Check wallet balances
  • Transfer Solana-native tokens
  • Acquire nonfungible tokens when OpenAI makes plugins accessible

Developers Invited to Retrieve On-Chain Data

Solana Labs also invites developers to try retrieving on-chain data that may interest them using open-source code. A snapshot of Solana Labs demonstrates that ChatGPT can receive a list of NFTs held by a specific Solana address. The list includes an associated metadata link to the NFT, which was most likely obtained from the block explorer provided by Solana Labs.

OpenAI Announces New Privacy Features for ChatGPT

OpenAI announced that users of ChatGPT can now “turn off” their conversation history owing to a new privacy feature on the same day. The AI company also included a new “export” option, allowing customers to download their data and better understand the information that ChatGPT maintains.

Italy Prohibits ChatGPT Unless It Complies with User Privacy Standards

Recently, Italy became the first European nation to prohibit ChatGPT unless it complies with the user privacy standards enacted by the European Union by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The new privacy feature comes as a result of this development. Solana Labs did not specify whether or not they planned to activate the plugin when OpenAI makes the plugin capability accessible to everyone. However, the new ChatGPT plugin is a significant development that gives users more control over their data and allows for easier access to on-chain data.

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