Solana-Backed Smog Meme Coin Skyrockets with a Remarkable Surge of 1,300%

Solana-Backed Smog Meme Coin Skyrockets with a Remarkable Surge of 1,300%

A Memorable Surge: Smog Meme Coin on Solana

A meme coin, Smog, witnessed an astonishing rise of 1,339% within a 24-hour period following its launch on Solana’s Jupiter decentralized exchange (DEX).

The Solana blockchain has been at the forefront of meme coin innovation over the last six months. Now, Smog is carving a new path, fueled by an exclusive airdrop to early investors. The Smog token pool made its debut at 6 PM UTC on Feb. 7.

The Impact of Airdrops on SMOG and Solana

Airdrops have proven to be an effective strategy for building robust crypto communities. Jupiter initiated an airdrop on Feb. 2, gaining traction on CoinMarketCap. Smog is following a similar trajectory and achieving success.

To qualify for the airdrop, users must purchase and hold Smog tokens. The Smog airdrop, designed to unlock social dominance, offers a gamified experience. Users are encouraged to complete tasks like joining social verticals and participating in a “daily recruitment drive.”

  • 35% of Smog tokens are allocated to the community airdrop.
  • 50% of the total supply is dedicated to marketing efforts.
  • 10% is set aside for facilitating CEX listings.
  • 5% is reserved for providing liquidity on DEXes.

Smog’s Trending Status

Smog currently holds the ninth position as the most trending coin on DEXTools, leading in security with an impressive score of 95. This score considers project information, transactions, holders, liquidity, and pool creation date, adding an extra layer of allure to Smog.

Analysts express confidence that the project could follow the success of other notable meme coins like Bonk, Dogwifhat, and Myro. Additionally, leading outlets such as Techopedia and CoinDesk have covered the project.

More about Smog and Its Roadmap

Smog aspires to be the “One meme coin to rule them all,” presenting a unique dragon-themed concept that “vaporizes any foe.” The token was launched fairly on Jupiter, ensuring an equal opportunity for all investors to buy in at the same price.

Currently, the project is in stage two of its roadmap, focusing on a successful token launch. The roadmap is divided into three stages:

  1. Stage one: Initial project development
  2. Stage two: Successful token launch
  3. Stage three: All-out meme coin domination

The project is actively progressing through stage two, with the main emphasis on the ongoing airdrop. Users can accumulate points during the airdrop, with further details about these points set to be revealed as the airdrop progresses.

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